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Thu, Oct 14th, 2010 04:04:28 AM
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On some saturday mornings the textile museum provides a venue for talks about oriental rugs and textiles.

These are called "Saturday Mornings at the Textile Museum" but RK would prefer they be called mournings rather than mornings as the quality of these "talks" is low, many so low we'd prefer call them piss-poor.

Sometime ago barry, aka blurry/ebay rug thief and cheat, oCONnell gave one which many readers will remember RK discussed and ridiculed, as blurry's topic and presentation make even a piss-poor description seem too kind.

Anyway, recently professor steve, aka the rug clown, price stepped up to the podium and gave a "talk" entitled "Vintage Fashions from Around the World" and as bad as oCONnell's was, believe it or not, price's was even eminently more ridiculous.

Here's a picture of steve 'modelling' a Tekke chirpy which provides support for the old picture is worth 1000 words aphorism.

To let a rug-jerkoff like price pull his pud in public in the hallowed halls of the textile museum makes RK gag with disgust but, considering the fact oCONnell and other have sullied and stained those walls as badly as the front teeth of a four pack a day camel smoker, RK guesses this is just business as usual.

We have had a look through the examples, which by the way were all from price's "collection", he brought and we can only state calling them airport-art is too kind.

Who but a rug moron like price would bother to "collect" such pedestrian and worthless examples? And, what is worse, who but a rug-clown and rug-a-dope like price would get on a stage and bray about them? Especially a stage as august as the textile museum's?

But RK knows well price is a pompous prat who believes he is not only making a "contribution" to rug studies by having such a "collection" but his presenting it when and where ever he can is equally significant.

In closing having someone like the textile museum's curator of education introduce price with the following words demonstrates this employee not only know nil about an oriental rug but, worse, even less about the rug-scene.

steve price "is well-known in the rug world, these days especially, as the editor and technical manager of turk0tek.com, a rug and textile discussion board, now in its 13th year."

Just for mr curator of education's edification implying price is responsible for the 13 years turk0tek has been on line is a mistake, as price took over the site several years after it had been started by someone else, who it must be told gave it up as worthless -- hence is the factual history of price's involvement.

And price is well-known in rugDUMB, mr curator of education, but again for your edification the majority know price as we describe him -- a rug-clown, a rug fool and a rug moron whose opinions are as worthless as a stick of used chewing gum.

It is truly sad and regrettable the great institution G.H. Meyers worked to set up and funded with his personal fortune has sunk so low as to allow rug shit-heads like steve price and barry oCONnell in the front door.

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