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Thu, Nov 4th, 2010 12:22:38 AM
Topic: Meet the new boss.....

As Peter Thownshend, lead guitarist/singer/songwriter, wrote "Meet the new boss -- same as the old boss", so should every journalist in America concerning the recent mid-term elections.

The ever apparent and present 'throw the rascals out' psychology most Americans followed, and have followed countless times in the past, is both meaningless and incredibly stupid.

They threw out republican georgie bush and his band of neo-con artists two years ago in favor of barack, aka barry soetoro(his real name), obama and what happened?

Mr obumster and his surely undemocratic democratic party continued, and yes enlarged, almost every program of bush's voters found unacceptable. Plus they have started new ones that are even more draconian, unconstitutional and revoltingly un-American.

So it is beyond reason to believe now those same republicans, granted they have put on a new hat -- the Tea Party --, will do anything different.

By the way, the original Tea Party, which burst on the scene 18 months or so ago, is and was completely different than the co-opted, republicanized, one most sucker voters seem to believe as their savior.

No, no this new group of public serpents that will take seats in Congress will do NOTHING different than the ones whose butts got thrown out. We believe they will do worse.

Watch and see and don't forget good ole Al Einstein's quote which we paraphrase here -- idiocy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

So all you idiots who voted for change will not even, or ever, receive spare change from your newly elected representatives, who by the way do not represent you but rather those corporations who bankrolled their campaigns.

Think RK is wrong and just mouthing off? Come back here in 12 months and get ready to eat those thoughts, you fools.

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