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Sun, Nov 7th, 2010 10:45:12 PM
Topic: Liar, Cheat and Thief dennis dodds:part 2

RK wrote, and posted on online, the following about dennis dodds in April of 2009.

This is surely not the first time we accused dodds of being a liar, a cheat and a thief but regardless of our accusations and condemnation of his business and personal ethics and morals dodds has, to date, said nothing to defend himself or better yet try to disprove what we have claimed.

Recently we saw dodds, who looks ill and we would not be surprised if his days on this earth are numbered. Considering this we would think it imperative he try to clear his name and remove any even shadow of a doubt what RK has so publicly claimed is true.

It is for this reason we are copying from RugKazbah.com's archive, where it has been for many months, and reposting it here in the hope dodds will once again read it and be motivated to attempt to defend himself and the obviously tarnished "good name" many in rugDUMB believe he has.

We honestly do not think dodds will now do so as he knows what we have written about him, and accused him of doing, is true and factual.

Not only does hope spring eternal but as far as dodds is concerned we believe anyone stupid and greedy enough to have cheated an institution as important as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art might be equally stupid enough to try and prove RK's accusations as anything but the truth.

So come on, dodds, you blatant cheat, thief and liar let's see you disprove all the accusations we have leveled against you.

We are here ready, willing and able to demonstrate just exactly how sleazy, greedy and stupid you are -- forget about how little you know about Anatolian Village rugs.


If anyone dared to call us a thief, a cheat, a fraud, a carpet-bagging scoundrel, and a liar we'd issue a complaint against before you could say "bogus bellini".

Ever wonder why dodds has not attempted to drag us into a court of law?

The answer is simple - it's the truth; dodds is all the above

And not only does he know it, but so does just about anyone in the rug world who knows the difference between the dodds/LACMA bogus "bellini" and a Harry's bar cocktail.

RK has exposed all the bare-faced lies dodds used to defraud LACMA's now ex-curator dale, aka is it really a late genre period reproduction?, gluckman and all the honest, trusting folks on LACMA's Collector's Committee, who put their collective money where dodds's cheating mouthful of completely outrageous distortions, mistruths and blatant prevarications still lays.

Why has no one who knows anything about Early Turkish Rugs stood up to defend dodds against our claims?

Why has rug-guru and god jon, aka lazy boy, thompson or louise, easy lou, mackie, both of who stupidly told LACMA the rug was circa 1550, a masterpiece of its type and a museum worthy object, not said a peep in his favor and defense?

Why has dodds not agreed to meet us on a stage to discuss the bogus "bellini", his fraudulent claims about it and his disgusting rip-off salesmanship -- even when we offered him a no-strings attached 5,000 USD honorarium?

Simple because everything we claim is absolutely true.

But time is running out for dodds, and as RK ups the ante we will be delighted if he dares to try to accuse of slander, defamation or any other charge he might try to kite.

Remember, it is impossible to accuse someone of any of those actions when they are standing on a hill of fact and truth.

We'd love to defend our position anytime dodds decides to risk it -- we've heard he took the 250,000 he defrauded LACMA Collectors Committee to cough up for his bogus "bellini" and bought a new house in Chestnut Hill, Pa.

We'd never live in a place like that, but maybe we'll turn it into a satellite location for the Weaving Art Museum and offer to let dodds stay on as the janitor, a job a person of his integrity and skills might really excel in after we whoop his sorrowful self in front of a jury of his peers, forget ours!

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