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and its progenitor Part II
Sun, Nov 14th, 2010 09:56:04 AM
Topic: An Ancient Saryk MC
and its progenitor Part II

How many of you recognize the relationship the Timurchin gol of the Saryk MC has with one shown in the photo below it?

How many of you recognize the relationship the Saryk MC’s 'memling' minor gol has with the one in photo below it?

RK is pretty sure after reading this many more of you that didn’t now will, this being the purpose for our publishing them.

The two details below the Saryk MC pics are from an ancient east Anatolian fragment we believe is a remarkable survivor, woven not by an Anatolian weaver but by a Turkmen one soon after a migration from Turkmenistan to Anatolia.

It is an undeniable historical fact many groups of Turkmen left Turkmenistan and migrated to Anatolia prior to the 15th century.

There is also evidence this migration began as early as the 12th century AD.

Likewise, there are various clues, and some evidence, certain Turkmen groups were making rugs before this migration, and the idea they continued to produce pile carpets once settled in Anatolia has high probability.

There are, however, no known examples of such early Turkmen rugs made in Anatolia and RK is suggesting the fragment above is one.

We are also suggesting it is the model and source for the more highly codified and iconographic Timurchin and 'memling'-type gol used on the Saryk MC.

We have carefully examined the fragment and it appears to be ancient, its weave, materials and colors are in all respects subtly remarkable and unique.

These characteristics, plus its iconography, have led us to this conclusion, as well as to a novel concept about ancient Turkmen rugs we would like to now make public.

But before we do we would like to say a few words about “gol and gul” and their ever ubiquitous presence on Turkmen weavings of all period.

Stay tuned, more coming soon

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