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Tue, Nov 16th, 2010 06:14:19 PM
Topic: who cassin

Hi "hassan"

We see from your IP address you are in Costa Mesa, California -- how's the weather there?

Is the surf up?

Your command of the English language is impressive, almost as impressive as the veracity of what you write!

Next time you write in here might we suggest you get your grand-daughter to help you with your syntax and word choice?

Until then, take care of your knobby knees, slick down your Hobie, polish up your woodie and don't forget messing with RK might be worse than dealing with dandruff or a case of crotch ants.


please tell about mr jack cassin. every time it say we, but who else work on this. only jack cassin make post. he say rugDUMB. when is he speaking to any rug club acor icoc conference museum? when is he attending meeting of rug club and conference? he attack many peoples, never is kind, always just mean, even to dead. i sek the bigger jack cassin attack a person, the bigger jealous he is of those peoples. everyone he attack have more successes and they have friends, so he is jealous.

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