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Sun, Nov 21st, 2010 01:38:48 AM
Topic: Pot-shots, Spit-balls and Below the Belt Punches

It is rather astounding there are these RK haters among those who have never met, spoken with or interacted with us.

It never ceases to amaze us what these weak sisters, weasels, mokes and bluffers write in here, announcing at the top of their lungs what a miserable, horrible sinner RK is.

It is fact RK is not the person they allege us to be, and more importantly we have never done anything underhanded or untoward to anybody who did not first either unfairly strike out at us or deserve our censor, rebuke and condemnation.

Take for example "zelda" who posts from Philadelphia and admonishes RK to "remove slanderous words about fellow members of the rug community."

First off and in all honesty we do not consider those we have condemned to be in any real sense of the word our "fellow members" in any community.

Secondly, why a weak sister like "zelda" feels she needs to defend the likes of that liar cheat and thief dennis dodds after all the proof of our accusations is there in black and white for all to read is quite remarkable.

Could "zelda's" pique and disregard for the facts have something to do with her posting from the same city where dodds lives and has his "maqam" gallery?

And then there is "hassan" who flies in here and crows how "jealous" of others who have "success", and horrible we are.

What is wrong with these clowns? Clearly they are so ignorant of the facts, and so willing to invent others, their accusations are laughable and far and away nothing but absurdities.

Plus the fact RK permits them to post here, and then allows their nonsense to remain online, should prove to anyone with enough intelligence to chew gum we are immune to their jibs and innocent of their bogus invectives.

Furthermore were they to do it in their own name, or in some way we could trace their identities without getting the internet police involved -- a long and arduous road according to our legal investigations --, we would haul them into a court of law for slander and defamation for starters.

Which brings us to the fact dodds or anyone else, who feels we have unfairly or illegally indicted, charged or commented about them, is free and able to do that to us as what RK writes is done in our own very prominent name.

So "zelda" and "hassan" let's see how brave and sure of yourselves you are and next time write in with your own names attached.

Should you, dodds or anyone else take the challenge let RK give you some words of advice: Be sure to first get a good lawyer, you'll need one.

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