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and its progenitor Part VI.A
Tue, Dec 14th, 2010 01:54:32 AM
Topic: Ancient Saryk MC
and its progenitor Part VI.A

In order to firm up our case and to remove any ambiguity we decided to post several, three actually, more pictures to further the analog we have already presented.

There are others we could point to but feel we have, with these additional ones, proven our position as best as we can.

First is a detail from the V&A slit-tapestry textile showing the back-to-back icon some readers might not have figured out from our description.

back-to-back icons; left: V&A slit-tapestry textile, right: Anatolian fragment

By the way, we originally incorrectly labeled the Anatolian fragment detail in Part V and have now corrected that error.

Second is the back-to-back icon as it appears on our slit-tapestry fragment.

And third is the confronted birds icon as we believe it is depicted in the large octagonal gol on our Anatolian fragment.

left: two arrows mark the Anatolian fragment's later, abstract, interpretation of the confronted bird icon; right: the V&A textile's realistic confronted bird icon portrait

After presenting the visual evidence these four seemingly unrelated weaving -- V&A slit-tapestry textile, our later slit-tapestry fragment, the Anatolian pile fragment and the Saryk Timurchin gol MC – display, we trust many readers will now understand the purpose of this exercise.

Stay tuned, more to come…

Author: jc
Tue, Dec 14th, 2010 01:54:32 AM

By the way, RK has not forgot about mentioning a "novel concept about ancient Turkmen rugs we would like to now make public" in an earlier part of this series.

We will in due course discuss it; but for those of you who'd like a clue we can tell you we believe we have deciphered the rational of archetype gol design and, while it is original and heretofore unknown to anyone but us, we must state it will, if we are proven correct, somewhat vindicate a small portion of Moskova's controversial, and now disrespected, take on Turkmen rugs.

So stay tuned for more....

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