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Thu, Feb 3rd, 2011 10:09:17 PM
Topic: More on the "Karapinar" Myth

Almost five years ago RK published "Karapinar" Rugs: Myth and Facts" in which we demolished and destroyed rugDUMB's mythological perceptions surrounding "Karapinar" rugs.

Our in-depth analysis has been online since (you can read it in the BEST OF RugKazbah.com Topic area) and now a Johnny-come-lately, or should we say a Penny-come-lately, article has appeared in that rag hali dealing with the same subject.

However the author has made a number of errors, the largest of which is not citing our work or reading correctly.

RK finds it neigh on impossible to believe she did not read what we wrote and to not acknowledge our having done it first is nothing but typical for that rag hali that runs scared at the mention of our name.

Although the author got it right that most of the rugs labeled "Karapinar" are not from Karapinar, we will soon critique the rest of her eminently weak citations and conclusions, so stay tuned.

Author: jc
Thu, Feb 3rd, 2011 10:09:17 PM

Our plan to further analyze and refute a number of Ms Penny Oakley's, the author of the article, ideas about "Karapinar" rugs has been stymied by the loss of our copy of that rag hali where her article appears.

So it will have to wait until we can either find it or another copy.

Stay tuned but don't hold yer breath....

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