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Thu, Mar 24th, 2011 03:00:35 PM
Topic: Cult Kelim copy-cat Plagiarists

In 1989 RK traveled to Cairo, Egypt at the invitation of Dr. Mohsen, who was at the time the director of the Egyptian Museum in Tahar Square, Cairo.

We were introduced to Dr Mohsen by our dear friend Joelle LeMaitre in her office at the Institute Du Monde Arabe in Paris.

Mohsen offered to help us do research in the collections in Cairo and we jumped at the opportunity, as we had heard how difficult it was to see the reserves of the Egyptian museums.

To make a long, very interesting and amazing story short we eventually did get the key to open the door to the reserve collections in the Egyptian museums and our CULT KELIM catalog published in 1990 recorded some of the results and the weaving we discovered.

Though the CULT KELIM catalog is the smallest and least physically impressive of the books RK has written and published its importance to textile studies, and particularly those concerned with Anatolian Kelim, definitely isn't as it illustrates and reclassifies some slit-tapestry weavings that most probably are not "Egyptian" but rather made farther north in Anatolian, Iraq or Syria.

Regardless of where they actually were produced their publication in our small catalog, and the commentary accompanying those illustrations, has helped to fill the gap between the archaeological remains that imply kelim, slit-tapestry, weaving existed long before Jesus Christ and the earliest examples now known.

We also illustrated, in our Cult Kelim what we believe is the earliest positively datable slit-tapestry weaving.

"this slit-tapestry has a positive provenance and can be accurately dated into the period between 1453-1405 BC. It bears the cartouche of the Egyptian king Amenhopt II (1450-1415 BC) and was recovered from the tomb of Thotmes IV (1415-1405BC), his successor. Along with this slit-tapestry, two other much smaller fragments were recovered and one, which has the Ka-name of Thotmes III (1504-1450 BC), predates by a generation this example."

Our Cult Kelim publication has also been online on the Weaving Art Museum website since 2002 and tens of thousands of viewers have read it and seen the illustrations.

Here is the Url for the exhibition


However, we are not writing this today to discuss our CULT KELIM publication or the weavings it illustrates.

Rather we do so to comment on the fact some moron rugDUMBers named harry kroll and his partner sabine steinbock published a kelim catalog several years later and had the gall, nerve and stupidity to call it "Kult Kilim".

If that isn't plagiarism we donít know what else to call it, as not only did they steal our title, which was in print long before either of them thought of the words, but they used our premise as well.

These two plagiarists did not even list our publication in their bibliography or mention it once. What little minds these two must have under their skull-caps.

Fact is the kelim they illustrate are nothing special, run of the mill airport-art to Traditional period examples and to take the title from our ground-breaking publication and use it smacks to us of real nonsense...but hell this is rugDUMB, right.

When RK first learned of their puny, next to worthless publication and its plagiarism of our title, we called mr kroll and spoke with him.

His nonsensical excuse for his plagiarism -- his title is in German and ours English -- was like his book's contents, nothing but 98 pound weakling chest puffing bullshit.

Furthermore, and actually the real reason we are writing this now, kroll and steinbock, the tag-team kelim-clowns, have published a "new book" on kelim titled "The Colors of my Dreams: Early Kilims from Anatolia", which will supposedly coincide with an "exhibition" of the same name at the Kultur-und Stadthistorisches Museum, Duisburg, Germany.

Now get this, there is going to be a kelim 'symposium' at the museum on June 16, 2011.

Does that date ring familiar?

Well it should, as it is the opening day for the icoc "conference" in Stockholm.

Plagiarizing our title,CULT KELIM was a stupid move and planning a kelim symposium for the same day the icoc opens proves to us in spades kroll and steinbock are not only plagiarists and highly challenged kelim dummies but they are stupid as a box of wet rocks.

RK looks forward to having a cuckle over their new kelim publicationís contents and perhaps if we feel like it taking our scissors of reality and cutting it to shreds, which we imagine will not be hard considering this pairs past performances.

PS: Here is a slit-tapestry weaving we believe is even older than the one above.

Fragment of a slit-tapestry, supposedly from El Azam, Egypt; Islamic period but likely much older;
Victoria and Albert Museum, London

It should be familiar to readers who have read our RugKazbah.com Anatolian Kelim opus.

Here is the URL for it for those of you who want to read it for the first time or those wo wish brush up on their Anatolian Kelim consciousness.


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