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Sun, Feb 27th, 2011 03:17:06 AM
Topic: A Reader Writes Concerning
a Kelim For Sale

Today RK received the following email from a reader concerning the kelim pictured below.

We thought it interesting to post the kelimís picture, the readerís email and our reply.

kelim offered for sale by alan marcuson at the SF tribal show

Dear Jack,

have you seen the kilim shown at SF tribal&textile art show?

I called the vendor yesterday and he told me the price: 37.000.-USD.

Pretty much!

He said, that there was a lot of interest, it is 18th c. and a top, top, top piece.

But it wasn't sold.

Is this one as good as told?

Seems to be an interesting piece.

I don't want to buy it but maybe something to learn from.

How would you judge the piece?

Would be fine to hear a few words from you.



RK saw the picture of alan marchson's kelim 2 weeks ago and was not impresssed

First it might be 18th century but so what when much earlier pieces exist...and by the way the supposed "early" pieces, c14 dated by that turko-jerk jurg rageth, are mostly not as early as the "dates" claim

Second RK did not find the marcuson beautiful, nor is the design interesting iconography

Impressive iconography is not something that is defined by using imagery that is common and often seen

Iconography must be original and this kelim fails on that level as well

FACT: there is so little understanding of what makes an excellent non classical weaving

It is very easy to judge an Ottoman or Safavid weaving but when it comes to weavings made outside of court atelier/workshop/factory few, if any, rules apply

Nor can few, if any, supposed expert/connoisseurs do anything than express their own opinions

What RK writes is not opinion, we back up our statements with art historical and other data,, facts,, and while there is no real "science", 100 percent provable data, in carpet studies what RK provides is way more than 50 percent or just opinion

If you were someone who could pay RK for our expertise we could take the time to prove to you why the marcuson kelim is at best what RK calls a late classic--and also prove it is derivative and not original

Hope those few words are interesting for you

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