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Fri, Jun 3rd, 2011 02:54:59 AM
Topic: Are the Stockholm 2011 icoc Prices too high?

RK says definitely.

Asking attendees to fork over 700 dollars for the privilege of hearing some lectures and attending a few exhibitions is far too expensive in our opinion.

And considering added the hotel costs for 4 nights, about 200 per day, and airfare makes traveling to this event for anyone coming from a foreign country a quite expensive affair.

One RK believes is not commensurate with what you will receive.

Author: jc
Fri, Jun 3rd, 2011 02:54:59 AM

The icoc now realizes this "conference" will probably break the record as the least attended one ever.

It is most likely going to lose money, and those who sponsored it will end up holding the bag and have to take money out of their pockets.

This is a 99.9 percent sure thing and a situation which cannot be changed.

Therefore, to help the dealers who will spend a considerable amount of money to transport their wares to Stockholm, forget about all the other expenses, the icoc people should, instead of offering a 350 SEK day pass or a 125 SEK pass to enter the dealers fair, allow anyone who wants to visit the dealers fair FREE entry.

After all those who are coming to the fair are doing so in the hopes of buying something, so why not stimulate participation and attendance by not making people pay for the privilege of spending their money on a rug or textile?

Author: jc
Thu, May 12th, 2011 03:39:43 PM

RK has heard from a number of people we have talked with recently that they are not going to Stockholm solely because of the high prices for both the conference and transportation.

We have also heard the people we have spoken to are not the only ones who will not be going because of the cost, as it seems there are many others who have attended other icoc's and are foregoing this one.

Airfare is one thing but the hotel charges and the admission fees could have been controlled and toned-down to stimulate prospective attendees to attend. However, that would have meant all the freebies and complimentary this's and that's all icoc's have dish-out would have been cancelled and Lord knows that would never happen.

But of course these changes were not applied because that cheat and liar dennis dodds and the rest of the icoc crew made the mistake of thinking what they were selling was a RugDumb must buy.

Sorry, chums, but it's now been proved it ain't, and had they tightened up the ship, tried to bite off less of an overly, and stupid if you ask us, ambitious line-up for Stockholm, as we had suggested and were ignored, RK is sure more people would have decided to go.

But with the icoc basically a month away it's a fact far less than expected paying attendees will show up.

That said all the grifters, freeloader icoc committee members and rugDUMB's glitterati, you know those who smiling pics are always in the photo section at the back of each issue of that rag hali, will surely be there.

So it looks like Stockholm might be the last straw and the next icoc will be a non-event.

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