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Sat, Apr 30th, 2011 12:49:25 PM
Topic: Pimping the wolf

Some months go RK critiqued walter denny's pimping "review" of a kelim in the wolf collection that appeared in that rag hali magazine.

Well, lo and behold, he's(denny) at it again.

Yesterday, RK had a few minute's look at the latest issue of that rag hali and was surely surprised to see the following:

A South Transcaucasian Pile Carpet
Walter B Denny

The design of a Caucasian carpet from the Wolf Collection is traced to the regionís silk embroideries "

The description quoted above appears on that rag hali's website and until RK has a longer opportunity to read what walter the wolf's pimpin'professor wrote our readers will have to wait to hear our take.

But based past performance we'd place a bet at even odds the denny's flowery text will again be a say nothing puff-piece written to "honor" the wolf's wallet far more than their knowledge or taste.

Plus the premise of tracing Caucasian carpet iconography to any of the various types of "Caucasian" silk embroideries is surely nothing new or innovative.

Nor is it clear exactly where the iconography on the embroideries originated but until we have denny's text in hand we can not comment further.

Should any reader scan it and send it to RK we will be sure post our comments sooner than later, while the latter will probably be the case if no one does as RK hardly knows anyone who still subscribes to that rag hali.

RK should also mention we have long been researching these embroideries and perhaps our comments on denny's text will give us an opportunity to make public a little more of what we know.

Lastly, RK is pretty sure we are not the only one to notice how the majority of what appears in that rag hali is either written by, or written about, a very small "favored" group of people; while other subjects and authors, who are equally as interesting and capable, are completely ignored.

And Lord knows that tiny, overly incestuous, circle of topics and people hali publicizes are not that interesting or important, now are they?

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