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Mon, May 23rd, 2011 03:21:47 AM
Topic: Dissecting the WH engsi

After the sale RK spoke with several people who are interested in Turkmen rugs.

They all thought the result of the sale was "great".

They also all thought the engsi was late and not at all worth the price it brought.

But, they continued, the fact it brought such a "strong" price was good for the Turkmen market.

RK does not believe for one second this logic is correct, as when something that is less than exceptional sell for an exceptional price it becomes an event that will surely have some blowback, ie. residual effect that is not good.

Because two stooges, as RK referred to the buyer and the underbidder, decided to play chicken over a questionable Turkmen engsi has little to no effect on the Turkmen market, not that there is now, or ever was one.

Witness the mediocre prices in comparison the Saryk engsi, the Beshir prayer rug, and the two other "S" group pieces brought in the grogan sale.

Were the logic the people we mentioned above forwarded correct and valid those Turkmen rugs, which were surely in their own rights as "important" as the questionable WH engsi, should have also brought "strong" prices.

Obviously they did not and this, far more than the shoot-out in Dedham over the WH engsi, is the far more significant result of the grogan sale.

It will be interesting in the coming days to hear the chatter the WH engsi result will engender, as well as the speculation over who bought it and who pushed the price.

There are several less than Turko-educated collectors on the scene, whose desire to own "important" Turkmen rugs far out-weighs their ability to discern one.

And there are a couple of "dealers" who also are interested in making a big as possible splash in the tiny wading pool that is the Turkmen rug collecting universe.

Surely the two participants in the final price lurch at grogans come from either of these two categories.

You can bet your last declining in value dollar the buyer, nor the underbidder, was NOT an "art" collector who just happened to take a liking to the WH engsi.

Nor was it an "investor" type who thought it would be a good place to park about 235,000 dollars (hammer plus premium).

RK claims and we will be glad to bet some dollars against doughnut holes the WH purchase will go down in rug history as the biggest and worst error any rug auction buyer will have ever made.

Those are tall words that can't be proven, or disproven, for some time but mark RK's words they will be proven eventually.

Author: Beau Ryan
email: beauryan@rareelements.com
Mon, May 23rd, 2011 03:21:47 AM

RK Replies:

Like most who are dishonest, regardless of whether that dishonesty is in business or personal as in your case bo-bo, you refuse to acknowledge it.

And until you do you will be treated as such by us. So if anyone needs to get a life 'tis you liar.

About our comments concerning the lack of carry-over from the ridiculous assumptions that you and obviously others hold about the WH engsi?

What else can we say but we stand by them, and no matter what its history was, or is, the Beshir prayer rug was commendable. And frankly if we had to chose it or the WH engsi to hang on the wall in front of our desk we'd chose it and not that garish, late, derivative to the max workshoppe engsi.

But what is really the point, dear bo-bo, is neither you, nor anyone else we have spoken to, or received mail from, has yet to cite one facet or fact about the engsi to suppor their, like your, contentions it is worthy of such a price.

Or for the matter it is older than others or better, or even just as good.

We supported our idea(s) with factual comparsion and documentation -- have you?

Of course you haven't as your pea-sized rug brain, and probably we are being size-generous, doesn't have a clue how or what to say to support your worthless "feelings".

As we said talk is cheap and you, bo-bo, are a screenshot practitioner of saying nothing but thinking you said something, as your posts here over the last days prove.

RugDUMB is full of air-heads, a few of them with checkbooks and two of them, at least, banged heads over the WH engsi.

So what, just another error in RK's view, but one that unlike slightly over-paying for something good, buying the WH engsi is paying way too much for way, way too little.

And if you are so sure about your "feelings" how about trying to tackle proving what we say is false instead of more yakety yak.

And while yer at it how about acknowledging you lied and then lied some more? After all we have incontrovertible proof to prove you lied, so come clean and admit it like a man and not the anonymouse you are acting like.

Oh, and lest we forget, you said you were leaving and not coming back for three years, guess this is just another bo-boism that's a lie in fact but in your eyes something to avoid facing.

Pop another zoloft and console yourself that you reallly are a rug expurt and RK can sit at your knee and learn, learn, learn.

PS: And, listen up you air-head, forget about the false premise you mouthed about this being good for RK.

We have heard this for years, everytime some mediocre over-priced auction contested rug sells.

Fact is this is nonsense as there is NO real market for any old Turkmen rug or any other type that will allow such a price to be gotten.

And we will bet you a truckload of dollars to one doughnut hole neither the buyer, nor the under-bidder, would pay 75,000 dollars, that's less than 1/3 of the price realized, for the WH engsi if were wheeled into their livingroom or office and offered for sale.

So, bo-bo, go back to rug kindergarten and continue to try to get into first-grade....so far, boy, your still way shy of making the grade.


Oh please.................go get a day job will you. Maybe fiction writing for a children's magazine. You bore everyone. You're too shortsighted to realize that this benefits you too moron.......I believe you still own some rugs. Be thankful that there are people out there who are still willing to pay for good things. Oh and why didn't the other pieces you mention bring top dollar..............uh duh.......because they weren't top pieces Jack! Even you are smart enough to know that. The Beshir passed in 1997 as the cover lot at Skinners's for $30,000-$35,000. splashy, but late, not something that can be said of the ensi. Get that resume out baby!!!

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