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Tue, May 24th, 2011 12:45:46 PM
Topic: Road Show Asmalyk

Rare rugs show up in amazing places, and RK knows this well having found many of them.

But we were not lucky enough to have been walking down some nameless street in San Diego, California where a dumpster full of furniture and, believe it or not a champion pre-1800 Tekke animal tree asmalyk was lying in wait for anyone to pick up.

That’s just what some people did and, according to the story, not only was there the asmalyk but there were a number of other rugs with it.

RK has no idea what those were and whether or not they also were early champion Turkmen weavings.

The lucky sweepstake winners took the asmalyk onto the television program the Antiques RoadShow when it came into San Diego and peter pap, who is one of the commentators went on camera.

RK doesn’t watch TV, in fact the last time we did, and that was to watch a sports event, was more than a two years ago, so we only recently learned about this from a friend who told us the story.

The commentary pap spieled was, like pretty much everything a rug-schmuck like he does, not very interesting or original but as we have heard it pap got to buy the piece and then sell it supposedly for 250,000 dollars.

We have no knowledge about the other rugs also found in the dumpster and if pap got to buy and sell them as well.

Anyway, here’s a picture of the Asmalyk and below a detail of the early curl-leaf border style it displayed.

We are illustrating the border for our readers to compare with the version on the recently discussed WH engsi.

Clearly, the Asmalyk version is far superior and while it does not have the extra-bump and grinds the engsi version displays, we believe those are unneeded later additions and this one is correctly articulated.

The purity of the Asmalyk version and the far crisper enunciation of this iconic pattern are enough to convince us it, and not the accreted one on the engsi, is the original.

Decide for yourself and should any of you have more than just an “I like it better” rational as to why our assessment is incorrect we’d like to hear about it.

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