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by john weretime
Wed, May 25th, 2011 12:25:08 AM
Topic: A New Low in RugDUMB
by john weretime

RK just received the news: A new book by ruggie john t. weretime is not about rugs, or sumacs, or even anything to do with oriental rugs.

It is a book about his love affair with his mothers’s best friend when he was 15 years old.

Now then, who the flyin' freak gives a God-damn about weretime's "private" life. Or where he was getting his rocks off when he was in short pants?

Yesshhh, and we thought rugDUMB could go no lower….but weretime has moved the bar so low even a ant in a wheel rut would have to bend down to get under.

Here is the publisher’s blurb to sell this piece of crap book:

“Had my mother’s best friend not seduced me that night as I read my high school text in her den, there would be no story to tell. Despite my initial shock and confusion, we quickly became lovers. A web of entangled emotions and deceptions promoted and protected our relationship. My tale illuminates many facets of American life from the late 1940s to the early ‘60s. It also raises challenging questions about love, sex responsibility, and the human condition.”

And just think for a measly $13.95 you can have a peek inside the stained underwear of john t. weretime.

By the way should anyone doubt this is the same weretime here is the publisher’s list of other books by the same author.

“1. Rugs & Textiles: Flat-Weaving from Caucasus by Robert H. Nooter, Irina, Ph.D. Koshoridze, Vahram Tatikyan and John T. Wertime (2004)

2. Caucasian Carpets and Covers: The Weaving Culture by Richard E. Wright and John T. Wertime (Dec 1995)

3. Sumak Bags of Northwest Persia & Transcaucasia / John T. Wertime by John T. Wertime (1998)

4. Lori and Bakhtiyari flatweaves by Amedeo de Franchis and John T Wertime (1976)

5. Locks from Iran, Pre-Islamic to Twentieth Century by Parviz and John T. Wertime Tanavoli and Illustrated

6. Silk and Leather: Splendid Attire of Nineteenth-Century Central Asia, an Exhibition in Honor of Caroline McCoy-Jones by John T. Wertime (2005)

7.Lori and Bakhtiyari Flatweaves by A. and John T. Wertime de Franchis”

And by the way, our more knowledgeable readers will know the reason RK refers to wertime as weretime.

But for those of you who don’t in brief when weretime violated his agreement concerning RK’s allowing him to publish two sumak bags from our collection in his sumak bag book we started calling him weretime.

Those agreements provided RK with the right to edit whatever weretime wrote about our two sumacs so that what would appear would be agreeable to both us and weretime.

Fact is weretime not only went behind our back and published his book without telling us, and stupidly dated our bags mid and end of the 19th century, but he never paid us for the photography, which was also part of our agreement.

When RK learned the book had been published we confronted weretime, made him pay for the photography on the spot and told him in no uncertain terms what a scumbag piece of crap he was.

Should any RugKazbah.com reader order and read this book RK would love to hear your comments.

Until then we can only imagine how and why anyone would possibly be interested in what a sniveling, dishonest, creep like weretime did with his pecker when he was 15 years old.

Ugh, what a revolting thought…..

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