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Fri, May 27th, 2011 07:20:57 AM
Topic: RK takes a 2nd look@rip-on bozwell's May sale

Detail, lot 139

RK has already penned some comments about the up and coming bozwell sale but since we are in the swing of writing here on RugKazbah.com -- this month has been a busy one with the WH engsi brouhaha et.al. – we figured to cap it off we’d offer some bon mots about a few other lots in rip-on bozwell May 2011 sale.

It also gives us another opportunity to reiterate what a dishonest, creep, thief and all around scheister peter hoffmeister from Coburg, Germany is.

RK’s mistake of allowing him to participate in our 1989 Tent Bag Tent Band book and publishing project is one we will never forget.

Not only did hoffmeister sell all the remaining Tent Band books (after he recouped the money he BORROWED from a doctor rug collector friend and not paid himself as the contract he signed required him) to Uta Hulsey for 5 marks each, that was about 3 dollars at the time, he:

1. stole what remained of the profits without giving us our share, or repaying the expenses we incurred as the contract also required him to

2. he plagiarized our research and work and presented it as his own

3. he stole photographs from us that belonged to RK’s friend and associate James Mellaart and showed them in public several times

4. sold additional books that were not in our original accounting

RK has a lawyer after hoffmeister at the moment and while we surely waited too long to get satisfaction for some of the outrageous deceptions and thievery he perpetrated we still can, and are going to, get him prosecuted for number 4 above.

We recently saw some pictures of hoffmeister and frankly he looks like he is going to die soon and, though we could care less if another thieving selfish piece of crap like him lives or dies, that would be a shame as we want to see him in court putting his hand on a bible and lying through his dental work.

This is what we are sure he will do, after seeing an equally dishonest and cut from the same cloth franz sailer do the same when we dragged him into a court in Salzburg, Austria in 1987.

Anyway, RK believes a number of the Turkmen pieces in the rip-on sale belong to that creep hoffmeister, who we have been told from very reliable sources is trying to sell his collection.

We became aware of this when we saw the catalog and recognized this Tekke mafrash, as the same one we sold to michael franses many, many years ago and then saw in the hoffmeister collection.

It is also illustrated in the Tent Bag Tent Band book.

Lot 54, estimate 2.400 euro

We bought it sometime around 1975/6 from an old friend of ours, Tom Chatalbash, from Brookline Mass USA and sold it to franses in about 1977.

There are a number of other Turkmen lots we are pretty sure belong to hoffSCHEISTER…errr hoffmeister but they are not nearly as interesting as this one, and that’s not saying very much as it has a rare design but is a rather late and derivative weaving.

A far, far better Turkmen weaving is this so-called Eagle Group MC.

Lot 139, early Classic period, estimate 16,000 euro that should quickly fall by the wayside and be eclipsed by at least double and more

Only a Turko-moron like detlef maltzhan, aka bozwell, would date this ancient rug “Early 19th century”.

To think someone like maltzahn is considered a rug expert and people listen to what he says, or that some pitiful fools even spend their money, lots of it, on what he says, boggles the mind.

Comparing the date idiot-maltzahn gives for the Tekke mafrash, mid-19th century, and this carpet clearly shows something is very wrong.

That something is the fact this Eagle group MC is about 200 years, at least if not more, earlier than hoffscheister’s mid-traditional period Tekke mafrash.

And of course, another absurd thought that detlef maltzahn knows anything about Turkmen weavings.

Detail, Eagle MC showing the supreme quality and age this early carpet displays

But as turko-stupid and dumbass as maltzahn is, his listing the following sumak bag, which RK will bet is a FAKE and new reproduction, for 18,000 euro takes the cake for idiocy.

Lot 138, dated in the catalog as “First half 19th century” but RK claims is a NEW REPRODUCTION and FAKE

There is nothing right about this sumak and the “mysterious symbolism” and the rest of the schmaltzy spiel maltzahn absurdly touts in the catlog is as bogus as the date he hangs on it.


And lastly what could possibly top the two lots above for showing maltzahn to be a turko-Pagliacci, and scheister as bad as hoffmeister, but this small, late, Chodor rug maltzahn, in his usual wrong foot modus operandi, calls an ENGSI.

Lot 153, described as an “engsi” in the catalog, which is nothing but a ridiculous notion according to RK

It’s sure as shooting engsi have recently become hot items on the Turkmen collector shopping list.

RK should know. We have been avidly collecting them for 30 years and believe, not incorrectly, being vocal about our interests has stimulated others to collect them as well.

Too bad 99.9 percent of these collectors, like turko-dunce maltzahn and hoffscheister, can’t tell a great engsi from a mediocre one (witness the WH grogan fiasco).

HELLO, you turko-ruggies, Turkmen weavings like lot 153 are small rugs unless they exhibit genuine engsi iconography – synak border or quadrant fields for instance.

But to a scheister turko-poseur like auctioneer detlef maltzahn anything that looks like an engsi is one, that is as long as he can squueze another buck or two out of it.

Sorry, detlef you schmuck, you’re wrong, way wrong.

And speaking of gaffs calling this Chodor torba a “kejebe” rivals the turko-moronica that dope from the mid-west, erik risman, tried to pass off in his abortion of a dispersal sale at Christie London some short time ago.

Lot 141, sorrry mr. maltzahn, you fool, this is not a “kejebe” anything regardless of what that equally as turko-lost collector, erik aka kejebe risman, wrote in his Christie’s London sale catalog

Amazing, just when you think rugDUMB can’t go any lower here comes former hotpants john weretime’s stained underwear confessional publication, more turko-lunacy from detlef maltzahn to sell his consignments and, of course, a mediocre mid-period very questionable “Salor” engsi selling for 250,000 dollars.

Yeesssshhh, what’s next hali winning a Pulitzer prize for reviewing weretime’s puerile wet-dream on his mother’s best friend’s left breast???

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