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Wed, Jun 15th, 2011 01:02:52 PM
Topic: big fish in a piss-puddle

Next week the 12th icoc will open in Stockholm, Sweden and from all looks it will be the least attended ever.

RK finds it amazing the big fish, those who organize and prance around at these icoc events, have not yet gotten the picture these meetings are neither “conferences” nor are they anything but pathetic attempts to raise the tenor for oriental rugs.

So far they have done little to achieve the latter and much to prove the former.

This is not only RK’s opinion but clearly that of many others who are expressing that opinion by staying away in droves.

What is need are events that are far more geared to the participants and far less to the organizers and those big fish.

The icoc website states no one gets paid for working on these events and the icoc does not get commissions from the hotels or supporting organizations.

But RK knows this is hogwash, as the hotels give free rooms and other concessions based on how many participants they are housing and other organizations kick-back other freebies as well.

Plus some of the conference fees and Dealer Fair booth rents go to paying for perks the big fish and their minions enjoy.

RK will never forget the sight of seeing michael franses, pinner and a number of others in private limos whisking through Austrian border customs as buses with conference attendees sat waiting in line and baking in the sun for several hours.

And who do you think paid for those limos?

If you can’t guess, let RK tell you – everyone who registered for the Vienna conference, that’s who.

RK is definitely persona non gratia at any icoc or acor event because we have had the balls and guts to tell the truth about these organizations and those who run them.

What is needed instead of a program stuffed full of mostly worthless “lectures” and too many events show-horned into a two and a half day week-end is a far leisurely and relaxed venue for both learning and socializing.

Forget about having it at far less a cost to encourage broad participation.

But RK has been talking about this and making these same suggestions for twenty years and more with absolutely no recognition or change forthcoming.

So, trust us, Stockholm will be nothing but an opportunity for big fish like dennis the liar, cheat and thief dodds and a host of others to parade around like they really were royalty.

Too bad the facts say different and they are nothing but piss-puddle guppies swimming in a tiny pond RK calls rugDUMB.

Author: jc
Wed, Jun 15th, 2011 01:02:52 PM

We expected to receive some hate-mail for what we wrote and we have.

But we also received support and agreement.

We need to make one thing very clear -- There are many good people who work on the icoc/acor conferences.

And like many organizations, particularly political ones, these good people, with good intention and motivation, seem to disregard and ignore, for one reason or another, the machinations of their leaders.

And those good people, with those good intentions, are above the scorn RK has heaped on the organizations they spend their time working for and supporting.

We surely are not including them, nor implying they are those guppies swimming in that piss-puddle.

Those who are, know who they are; and they also know how they continue to get away with their greedy, self-serving actions all the while supported by those good people with their good intentions.

'Nuff said in explanation we trust...

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