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Sun, Jun 26th, 2011 08:12:44 AM
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There are three exhibitions on the Weaving Art Museum website which discuss Turkmen weavings.

Silk textile from Antinoe, circa 600 AD, with large kotchak head-crested animal decorated with other complex imagery. Textile Museum, Lyon France; Published in Alte Stoffe, 1917, pg. 25.

The first, Turkmen Trappings: From Tent to Town, is basically a reprint of our 1989 Tent Band Tent Bag: Classic Turkmen Weaving book publication and its outline of the archaeological history of south-west Turkmenistan along with a number of new illustrations and detailed new research on engsi.

Detail of a unique, early Classic Period Ersari Chuval with complex asymmetric pattern

The second, Carpets from Turkmenistan, was written, at our request, by a Hamburg, Germany rug dealer, who has for many years studied Turkmen rugs. RK edited the text and chose all the illustrations of early and rare Turkmen rugs: http://weavingartmuseum.org/carpets/ex_main.html

The third and most recent exhibition on the Weaving Art Museum website, Animals Pearls and Flowers: Synthesis of Turkmen Iconography, details our exploration of the similarities certain Turkmen pile weavings maintain with some groups of far earlier Silk Road western-Central Asian textiles, dating from the 3rd to the 11th century AD: http://wamri.com/animals/index.html

This exhibition does not forward the idea Turkmen rugs are derived from these textile but rather they and these textiles share a common and as yet unknown design source.

We urge all RugKazbah.com readers interested in Turkmen rugs to, if they have not already, visit the Weaving Art Museum website:
to see*** these research papers, as we like to call them.

There is much information there, even if you only read the captions of the many early and historic Turkmen rugs illustrated on these webpages.

detail from an Archaic Period Tekke engsi with so-called gopaz design
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