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Sat, Jul 9th, 2011 12:06:38 AM
Topic: Stockholm icoc Epilogue

RK has decided we need to explain a bit further one of the comments we made in our last addition to this thread.

We wrote:

"Plus the fact not one word has been yet been said, other than some after the fact amateur reportage on "jozan", speaks volumes that the ole icoc formula needs some desperate revamping..."

In every other field -- be it science; medicine; collecting stamps, coins or pet rocks -- after any conference, meeting or gathering -- especially one that is held every three or more years as is the case with the icoc -- there are a number of commentaries, stories and accounts published and publicized.

But in rugDUMB there is only the silence.

And this is the case not only for Stockholm.

Besides all the other problems, difficulties and warts on its face rugDUMB regrettably suffers, the inability, timidity and fear of making comments about itself is paramount.

Of course rugDUMB is not able to comment about itself as it is a concept.

But those who populate rugDUMB can, and the fact they don't is part and parcel of the disaster, and disastrous state rugDUMB is mired in.

Also here's a little tidbit of "news" RK heard about michael franses and his latest rug-biz hustle.

michael aka little lord(on the left) franses in action at the icoc

Seems the excitement RK hinted we overheard michael franses's pitching concerns his effort to "organize" a "big carpet fair" in Milan.

We have heard franses claims this fair will "resuscitate" the business and, as is the wont of all hustler pitchmen, his simple idea is the solution to a complex problem.

What a moron franses is. Who could possibly believe another rug dealer's fair will solve the epidemic of problems rugDUMB suffers?

But then again what to expect of a high-school dropout, one horse pony like franses, who is supposedly in "retirement" but has foolishly, or is it stupidly, bought back the controlling interest in his old project that rag hali.

That rag hali, like rugDUMB, is a sinking ship and now with franses back, or so he believes, at the helm RK can easily predict nothing will change and rugDUMB will continue to take on water and eventually sink even further than it has.

There are some bright lights on the horizon but for the forseeable future have your life raft and preserver handy...

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