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Fri, Jul 15th, 2011 12:02:18 AM
Topic: New Turkmen Publication
hoffmeister collection

For about two years rumors have been circulating through the grapevine about a book hoffmeister, that crook, liar and cheat, was going to publish about his Turkmen collection.

Then, early last year, RK heard Elena Tsareva was going to write the book with him.

And a few weeks ago when RK was in Stockholm we heard the book was "out" but no one had seen it, or even knew where a copy could be found.

Today RK managed to get one and we intend to spend some time critiquing the text, which is in fact authored solely by Tsareva; with an brief introduction by Daniel Shaffer, of that rag hali, and a second seven page introduction with acknowledgements by hoffmeister.

Cover of the hoffmeister collection publication

Before we get into discussing this book we must say just a quick word about peter, the cheat, liar and thief, hoffmeister.

We have already profiled him here on RugKazbah.com and in fact we have devoted a separate Topic Area to him:


Check it out when you have the time.

Everything we say there is true and fact. And our calling hoffmiester a greedy cheat, a liar and a thief, not to mention a creep and a scumbag, is not just our opinion -- it is based on fact.

Like dennis dodds hoffmeister uses people's trust to cheat, lie and in general screw them or anyone else he needs to so he can profit.

Anyway, what we have written grinds any modicum of thought peter hoffmeister is an honest, upright, fellow to dust, and we warn anyone who approaches him to do so with care.

OK, then, enough about hoffmeister the man, let's get into discussing his collection and the new book.

RK intends to publish scans of the complete book, chapter by chapter, so everyone can see exactly what we are talking about in our planned extensive critique, and we will do so as time permits.

We will probably have our first comments, about Shaffer's introduction, online later this weekend - - so stay tuned....

Author: jc
Fri, Jul 15th, 2011 12:02:18 AM

RK has decided to move all the previous, and place the coming, parts of our review of the hoffmeister collection publication back here in the Turkmen Rug Topic Area.

There are a number of reasons for this move, not the least is what we are writing has nothing to do with peter hoffmeister, aka hoffscheister, the person and his underhanded, thieving ways that are chronicled in the peter hoffmeister Topic Area where they are now located. (see the 8 part hoffscheister saga).

Rather, our review is focused on the Tsareva, Shaffer and hoffmeister texts, and the examples published, in that book.

Author: jc
Thu, Jul 14th, 2011 04:20:17 AM

Several readers have asked why RK is devoting so much time and energy reviewing the Tsareva/hoffmeister publication?

In short because we feel it is incredibly important to demonstrate, with fact and documentation, why this publication is a highly flawed and in the final analysis poor to nil effort at increasing Turkmen studies.

Besides adding a few noteworthy examples of early Turkmen rugs to the published oeuvre, and including their technical analyses and those for the multitude of other, lesser examples there is hardly any new, concrete information between its text-book quality covers.

Rather than publish this next-to-say-nothing-significant-text Elena Tsareva penned, or the highly laudatory but bogus praise Daniel Shaffer showered on hoffmeister the collector and his collection, RK would have rather seen a beautiful coffee-table book with far better quality printing, binding and little to no text.

Instead of spending money on Tsareva, providing proven cheap-skate peter hoffmeister actually paid her more than minimum wage, it would have been far more effective, and lasting, to have made that type of book, rather than this highly questionable tome.

But RK long ago learned the biggest thing in rugDUMB are the egos of its uber-collectors, honchos and wanna-be "stars".

What hoffmeister and Tsareva have done is, in the end, no better or worse than another book that comes to mind -- the Weidersperg collection authored by eiland and pinner.

RK surely knows how much better it, and the hoffmeister book, could be, and hope our review and critique will demonstrate and prove this.

We trust this explains why we are making the effort....

Author: jc
Sun, Jul 10th, 2011 12:16:09 AM

We are going to place our chapter by chapter reviews of the just published hoffmeister collection book in the peter hoffmeisterTopic Area that is located just under our Archive Topic Area on RK's discussion board.

Each review will include a scan of the complete chapter from the hoffmeister book so our readership can compare exactly what the book says to RK's critique.

Since Turkmen rugs are our second major interest, Kelim and Soumak are the first, we have decided to devote the time necessary to do a complete and authoritative critique of this publication.

There are two other important reasons we have taken on this task.

The first is we know no one else will, either because they, like Shaffer and many others we know, are not knowledgeable enough to recognize the subtle differences between a historic Turkmen rug and a later Classic or mid-period example.

And the second because, also like Shaffer, those in the position to do so are among rugDUMB's hierarchy, which has proven itself to suffer epidemic cronyism.

This cronyism is expressed on many levels but the most important is 'do not criticize others so they will not criticize you'. This holds no matter how grievous or revolting someone's actions might be.

The dennis dodds/LACMA 'bogus bellini' affair is a perfect example of this cronyism, and we are sure after reading our first go at the hoffmeister book, which we have just published in the peter hoffmeister Topic Area here on RugKazbah.com, readers will see how the hype and nonsense Daniel Shaffer, executive editor of that rag hali magazine, wrote about hoffmeister proves in spades RK accusation.

In all situations where cronyism affects hierarchies and bureaucracies truth and honesty are always second choices behind the need to protect its members. And anyone who by now cannot fathom the deep channels of croynism that have burrowed under and thru rugDUMB needs to wake up and begin to honestly examine the motives and motivations that make rugDUMB tick.

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