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Sun, Jul 17th, 2011 05:19:45 AM
Topic: Review: new hoffmeister collection book Part VIIb

After reading sentence after sentence like those RK has pointed to how could anyone honor the notion Tsareva is a scholar and not just a babbler?

Well, well, wadda ya know Tsareva finally comes up with a clever and original thought.


Strangely though, most of the germech we know are too small for the yurt entrance when compared to the size of thereengsi…Thus it is possible that this particlar germech was made to furnish not a large wedding tent, but a bride’s kejebe litter.

This would then answer the size question for most germesh, not only cat. 35.

Another good point she makes about this germesh is the presence of an olive-brown elem that suggests it is an early Tekke work.

We agree and have noticed this in some of the earliest Tekke engsi, like the one with the spinning rosette elem pictured above.

We must comment about hoffmeister’s penchant to buy Tekke torba.

It appear to us, like a gambler who won his first bet and then kept on trying to win but ended up only throwing good money after bad, except for his first, cat. 40 and cat. 42 the only other outstanding one, the rest of the 18 in toto in the hoffmeister collection are easily forgettable and far from best of types.

RK never gave him much credit as a collector or Turkmen rug savant when we knew him and now two decades later he has proven it…and the Tekke torba group is prima facie evidence.

This, naturally, is not what Tsareva has to say about them and though she doesn’t really say much she does say

The number and variety of bags is enough for a special study that would fill a monograph…

Yes, a monograph of collecting examples of Tekke torba that are not bad, but, just aren’t great enough.

We do concur with Tsareva when she states

The anchor point of our study was the torba (cat. 40)

But we immediately place major distance from her next thought about cat. 40, not for the C14 date but for her interpretation,

which yielded a calibrated radiocarbon age range of 1448-1529 and 1539-1634. Even the last decade of this range is early enough to suggest that it belongs to the early Tekke – or possibly pre-Tekke – population of southern Turkmenistan.

And what came before Tekke according the Tsareva?

Once more, no answer …fill in the blanks yourself…

We have no more patience to comment about Tsareva’s picking rabbit’s ears out of her Tekke Turkmen hat and will end this chapter’s review with this observation.

How could Tsareva not mention cat. 67, the mafrash we gushed over?

Ponder that while you examine the full text shown below and if you cannot find the answer, go on to the next story where it will be the first thing we mention.

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