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Sun, Apr 27th, 2014 04:14:17 AM
Topic: Cloubland.com -GOING Going gone

RugDUMB's failures read like a bad short story -- lousy plots and crappy characterization.

And since nothing much is happening in rugDUMB presently unless you are contemplating selling a good classical rug, trying to buy one, or perhaps planning to revamp your "Islamic Galleries" as so many museums have and are doing, RK thought it pointful for us to go through our Archives and refresh some of the posts we have made.

For those new-comers Cloudband (http://cloudband.com) was an internet wannabe "portal" run by former rugDUMB honcho alan marcuson. It was financed by friends and family, who by the way all lost every penny they stupidly invested.

Poor allocation of those investment dollars, stupid egotistical posturing and a failed business model doomed cloud band.com to its easily seen from the getgo bankruptcy fate.

Mr marcuson parachuted out with far more than he had when he started the venture, and not only did the investors lose but many merchants and suppliers were also forced to take a bath and never were paid for their work.

The saga of cloud band.com is told here on RugKazbah.com.

Have look through our two Archives.


(ed original post starts below)

Cloubland.com has been running on empty for quite a while and on fumes for the last couple of months.
A short notice appeared in a rug magazine about the bankruptcy of cloubland.com but little else has emerged about this situation.
I have recently learned its demise is imminent and supposedly in the next week or so cloubland.com will be down for the count.
I have expressed my views concerning what was wrong with this enterprise and why it would fail long before its troubles to pay the bills began.
I was right on all counts and cloubland's demise can be credited to grossly extravagant, and unwarranted, setup expenses and continued overhead.
The architect of the venture was Alan Marcuson and, unlike the captain who goes down with his ship, this captain has bailed out and is no longer at the helm.
Marcuson is no stranger to failed business enterprises nor has he shown much willingness to take responsibility for his failures. Not at least that I have seen and our “acquaintance” goes back to 1974.
Marcuson has never expressed any genuine kindness to me and if fact he has frequently gone out of his way to try and discredit and disrupt my efforts, which I might add though bothersome have never succeeded.
I conceived RK.com to present an alternative to Cloubland and ebay as a place to buy and sell weavings and looked forward to taking Marcuson and Cloubland on. Ebay of course is another story and RK.com is but a grain of sand on their beach, however, although Cloubland had a good 3 year head start on Rk.com and raised a very substantial amount of capital investment, I knew RK.com could not only hold its own but eventually beat out Cloubland because our selling system is far superior.
So now that Marcuson and his venture a kaput and down for the count I will never get to know what would have happened had they been able to go the distance. More on this to come.

Author: jc
Sun, Feb 23rd, 2003 10:52:46 AM

The on again off again saga of cloubland.com continues. We were just informed it is back online, and after checking their site can report it is so.
We have heard various rumors why this keeps happening - anyone know the facts?

Author: jc
email: jack@rugkazbah.com
Sat, Feb 22nd, 2003 08:40:02 AM

One of my contacts emailed me this morning with the news Cloubland.com has been off-line since last night. This has happened several times before, in fact several months ago it was "down" for a week but then went back up.
Is this the finale and have the fumes in that costly tank finally tanked?

On another front I have also heard cloubland will be meshed into the scheme the hali empire has been trying to cook up up and dish out as an internet auction site.
In typical fashion, these boys from London, are charging as much as they fell they can extract - -a yearly "initiation" fee of around $500.00 per year for the privilige of allowing sellers to then pay $200.00 per month for the right to post 8 rugs on the auction site they are talking of setting up.
Seems to us just like the cloubland.com business plan that failed miserably all over again. Change the name but dont change the game. Doesnt bode well, at least in our opinion.

Time will tell if they ever get it off the ground and, of course, after a trumpet blaring launch, the question remains - will it succeed?
This venture is supposedly going to come to fruition summer 2003 but that's what they said last year, so I am also told.

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