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Mon, Sep 19th, 2011 06:50:26 AM
Topic: Sartirana, etc (revised)

RK has received several emails about the rumors floating around of our being banned from attending the 2011 Sartirana event and we feel it necessary to set the record straight.

It is true we were told by alberto boralevi we would not be allowed to enter the exhibition.


Here is the email that stooge boralevi sent us:

" you have been banned from the Sartirana Fair (and not only from that one as af (sic) as I know) after the request of many exhibiting dealers and visitors who don't like to be continuosly(sic) insulted in person and on the internet.
I don't have anything against you personally and I respect your ideas as those of anyone else, but I cannot admit your verbal aggressiveness. I am very sorry but we cannot let you disturb again our Textle(sic) Show by distributing your leaflets or similar pleasantries.
Best regards
Alberto Boralevi

We refer to boralevi as a stooge for a number of reasons, not the least of which is his nonsensical shoot the messenger attitude towards our efforts to expose those in rugDUMB who are dishonest; those who use their positions in organizations like the icoc to benefit themselves unfairly; those who have proven through their actions to be greedy and self-serving, and lastly those who's "scholarship" is, as one former ruggie remarked "scholar-shit".

Furthermore, concerning mr boralevi's rug expertise, we must also re-mention when RK asked him about the dennis dodds bogus "bellini' rug now in the Los Angeles County Art Museum, thanks to dodds' bilking them, boralevi told us he "did not know enough about Turkish rugs" to have an opinion.

There is little doubt boralevi is a stooge for protecting dodds and others we can name from having their actions publicized by RK.

But this is typical for the ingrown toe-nails rugDUMB suffers: Toe-nails that are surely fixable but in doing so rugDUMB will have to admit its complicity in allowing those toe-nails to become ingrown -- something RK now doubts will ever happen.

So rugDUMB will continue to hobble along until the crutches finally break, the truth will be known by all, and the hobbling corpse will either right itself by remedying its malady or take the proverbial eternal dirt-nap.

From what appears to be the case the latter and not the former will happen.

The lackluster icoc in Stockholm was proof rug-idiots like dodds, swan, baganz, franses and boralevi, etc, do not have a clue how to improve the sad-state of affairs, and not until these suck-ass self-serving fools, and the hierarchy they have built for themselves, are removed will things change.

And what was RK's great sin last year when we attended the Sartirana event?

We printed up the following hand-out reproduced below, and personally gave them to many of the dealers and attendees.

Have a read and see how wrong stooge boralevi is by trying the shoot the messenger instead of taking care of business and dealing with dodds, and unmentioned others, whose duplicitous actions need attention.

Can you imagine the hubris dodds possesses to have written to Gluckman he "hopes others will be touched by the..." blah blah of his bogus bellini rug?

A rug he could not sell for 20 some years?

What a liar, conniving carpet-bagging thief dodds is ... and remember he is president of the icoc!

PS: RK has proven the only thing that can possibly be touched by buying a rug from dennis the menace dodds is your wallet... buyers beware

Author: jc
Mon, Sep 19th, 2011 06:50:26 AM

Several other points:

1. Remember, those who might be offended by the truth are always guilty of trying to avoid it.

2. RK expressed no "verbal aggressiveness", or aggressiveness of any kind, when we attended the 2010 Sartirana event.

boralevi's stating we did is a complete fabrication, no doubt done to support his banning us from this year's event.

3. RK in no way "disturbed" the event and we defy boralevi or anyone else to prove we did.

4. If the truth be known many of the people we spoke to and gave our handout were genuinely glad to see us, were happy to read about dodds, and not one expressed any displeasure in talking with RK.

Sure, dodds and others, who we have called out and proven to be, at the least, scoundrels, were not glad to see us and it is they, and not anyone else, who lobbied boralevi to "ban" us from attending this year.

RugDumb and its hierarchy of stooges like boralevi, are so full of lies and deception they cannot admit the truth without destroying themselves and their positions in the process.

So is there any wonder they ban RK and our abilities to publicize their actions?

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