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Sun, Mar 25th, 2012 06:40:18 PM
Topic: Speaking of Christie's Seljuk I

Ahhh, many mini-minds in RugDumb must be working overtime in excitement over the alleged "seljuk" rug being touted by Christie London in their forthcoming sale of April 24, lot 100.

According to RK the rug is a fake. An old fake, but a fake none the less.

Sure, sure we have only seen some pictures of it, but one of those pictures was an excellent close-up with detail good enough for us to stake out our claim it is not a genuine Seljuk rug.

But even before we viewed that close-up there was nothing we liked about this ugly copy.

The biggest question is why Christie has not done a C14 date...not that it would change our mind about the thing.

Were we interested in demonstrating how little the rug department on King Street knows about writing up an expertise we'd take out out shears and shred their rather long-winded catalog spiel.

Needless to say recounting the 'history' of Seljuk rugs and their various discoveries is nothing but name-dropping, or should we say pigeon pooping, as their offering, lot 100, is about as far removed from the Ala al-Din and Beyshehir Mosque examples as a Schwinn with training wheels is from a Harley.

Actually, maybe even more so.

We have heard P.T. Barnum will be in attendance, only so he can provide a sound bite for that rag hali's reporter, who will no doubt be covering the sale.

Rumor has it PT will say..."there's a sucker born every minute"

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