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RK Retraction
Tue, May 1st, 2012 03:27:35 PM
Topic: Christie Seljuk Rug:
RK Retraction

Since posting our opinion the Christie Seljuk fragment was an old reproduction we have been searching for additional information to either prove us right or wrong.

We based our opinion on the fact there was in places on the fragment brown and white two ply warp. This differed from the notes we made after seeing the original in Turkey many years ago. At that time we noted the warp was two ply, but both ply were white.

We have since seen a good closeup detail of the Istanbul Museum large fragment of the same rug, and yes, it too has some, but very few, two brown and white warp threads.

Soooooo, we are now embarrassed to say we were wrong and in our opinion the Christie fragment, lot 100, was part of the original and genuine Seljuk rug now in the collection of the TIEM in Istanbul.

PS: We also believe it will sell for two or three times the estimate...

Author: jc
Tue, May 1st, 2012 03:27:35 PM

Is it or isn't it?

One thing is for sure, a c14 date will not really settle the issue for anyone who knows enough about the process to understand it is surely not a definitive judge for any carpet that has not been preserved under very unusual conditions to prevent contamination.

RK is on record as declaring the fragment is genuine, and we are sticking to our position until irrefutable evidence proves the contrary.

And even though Christies withdrew the lot prior to the sale to " get more information ", which is the official reason and the one released by the department to answer all queries, RK is not shaken one bit from our position.

As we wrote the two color warps are for us the final element of proof the fragment is part of the genuine Seljuk fragment it resembles.

And while it is interesting to watch the gyrations and consternations RugDUMB, and Chrisitie's, are having over this brouhaha, we can only surmise after the c14 dating is done nothing much will have changed.

And we are also pretty sure there is more to the story than Christies is 'fessing up. So stay tuned but don't start popping the jiffy-pop just yet, as RK is equally sure the final act will be some time in coming.

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