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Sun, Dec 2nd, 2018 09:23:44 PM
Topic: blackmon Bites the Dust

Recentkly RK heard from a very reliable source jim blackmon has absconded with over 500,000 dollars of client money and gone missing.

We tried to contact him, and his gallery, to see if there is any validity to this rumor and guess what? Right, you got it, blackmon's gallery's telephone is disconnected and the automated ATT operator offered to "connect us with similar businesses in the area for no extra charge".

Now mistakes do happen and sometimes there are quite reasonable answers for a disconnected telephone but coupled with the rumor we heard it appears jim blackmon has finally shown his true colors.

Now then, and we are no going to divulge the entire story, RK has known what a dishonest broker and sleazy business person blackmon is from personal experience with him. And, frankly, we are not surprised blackmon has now shown everyone one what RK has known for decades.

Author: WAMRI is a scam
Sun, Jan 12th, 2014 10:13:04 PM

RK Replies:

This is but more of your illusionary bullshit.

We leave it here as a memorial.

Below is a screen shot made 10 minutes ago showing the US Government Internal Revenue Service web-page where the Weaving Art Museum's credentials are listed.

Go take a look and you will see facts, unlike the nonsense BS you have written.

RK has put two red arrows there, one pointing to the URL so you and anyone else can verify it and the second where the "Deductibility Status" (PC) is listed.

We have included the IRS chart to show what the PC status means.

We have also underlined in red WAMRI's EIN to help a fool like you prove to yourself what a big-mouth idiot you are.

RK is often amused by the stupidity in RugDUMB, and you have well demonstrated that.

So go back to your mother's basement, enjoy your cornflakes and moo-juice and next time go do the research before opening your mouth.


If you are trying to help¯ this woman why does she think you are a creepy stalker? Answer: because, Jack Cassin, you are a compulsive liar, lack any evidence of empathy and humanity and are most likely a clinically diagnosable sociopath. Not only are you knowingly misrepresenting the truth when it comes to the situation of JB, lets face it, hes always out shined you and you have always hated him for his success and your failures, but the alleged victim thinks you are an ass hole. In short you have manipulated a situation to nobodys benefit only to further your irrational vendetta . Way to kick both parties when their down. You are a real hero! Now, lets turn to your own fraud and deceit. Shall we start with the WAMRI lie? ...

Your wamri is not a non-profit organization recognized by any legal entity in the United States where it is said to be located. The IRS has no record of it. Now dont try to give that sad lie that the weaving art museum and research institute is recognized by the state of California as a non-profit. It is not, which seems to mean it is recognized only by your imagination or as part of your ongoing sad attempt at self aggrandizement. Though, you may have received a letter of recognition for the first year after you filed with Sacramento, that letter, and the standing of your organization were contingent on you fulfilling your obligations as a director including, assembling a board of directors, filing for final non-profit status with the IRS, and filing annually and submitting applicable fees for Sacramento. Under California law, since you failed to get non-profit status from the federal government alone, you do not have it in California. There is no record of any non-profit organization of any sort named wamri, or involving you in any capacity. You are perpetuating a fraud. WAMRI is a SCAM.

Author: jc
Fri, Nov 8th, 2013 07:07:48 AM

RK has written about the self-immolation james, aka jim, blackmon has undergone, and with it the demise of his gallery.

We have catalogued blackmon and cathy, aka flying penis, cootner's tag-teaming customers she rounded up from her job as curator at the deYoung museum. Having no shame cootner recommended purchases at blackmon's gallery to those customers, and then shared in the profits.

This was highly unethical and both blackmon and cootner sullied their reputations by putting personal greed ahead of professional and proper business practices.

OK, cootner was eventually pushed out of the curator job McCoy Jones's bequest to the deYoung bought her, and now blackmon is out on the street after refusing to repay clients and who knows who else for merchandise of theirs he sold.

This rip-off has been, supposedly, caused by blackmon, garry muse and one other unnamed pre-Columbian dealer being conned into fronting 500,000 dollars to a "client" who was then going to buy millions of dollars of art from them.

Stupid boys is all you can say.

And while blackmon and muse formerly appeared to be clever and smart, this episode proves what RK has always said, both in public and private, about them -- two idiots who only could succeed in the cesspool of oriental rug dealing.

Today we spied, and this is the reason for this addition, the following internet offering by blackmon:

What pompous clown - the only thing RK, and we are sure many others, would like to see as a coming attraction is mr james blackmon brought into a court of law and made to repay the money he owes.

But this is rugDUMB where it appears another rug shyster is going to get away with his crime scot free....

Author: jc
Tue, Apr 23rd, 2013 02:11:45 PM

Mr blackmon has now stopped posting "items" for sale on the internet.


Probably several reasons, not the least of which savvy buyers probably know blackmon has appropriated items belonging to others as his own and therefore are wary of doing business with someone who does not have proper title to items he offers for sale.

But there is another, even larger issue: The fact jim blackmon has never tried to publicly counter or explain the now widespread story(s) of how and why he closed his gallery, why he refuses to contact clients from whom he has taken goods on consignment, and why he has not paid them for items he has sold on their behalf.

To call blackmon a thief might be strong language but considering the situation RK believes this is exactly what he is.

And considering our own experience with mr blackmon's idea he can unilaterally appropriate goods that are not his as his own and then refuse to pay what he promised we feel totally justified in calling him a thief and writing what he have written.

The rug and textile business has a bad reputation and creeps and weasels like james (jim) blackmon surely give substance to that idea.

Author: jc
Fri, Feb 1st, 2013 01:39:36 PM

Perhaps blackmon has reappeared on the internet but his telephone is still disconnected and we had someone go by his gallery and it was dark as night.

So it would appear blackmon is still hiding out, and it was only his desire for dollars that pushed him to list the item for sale on the internet.

We'd really like to talk with him to hear his "version" of the saga.

Well, that is if he even has one that would be worth listening to.

Stay tuned for the continuing intrigue of the jim blackmon disappearance.

Author: jc
Thu, Jan 31st, 2013 12:37:15 AM

Today, Jan 31, 2013, RK was quite surprised to learn jim blackmon has reappeared.

Well, at least on the internet where he is offering a textile for sale on rugrabbit.com.

The james blackmon gallery was listed as the seller of record.

We are going to do some more checking and will be back here with some additional information as it becomes available.

Author: jc
Sat, Oct 13th, 2012 01:22:14 AM

Greetings Eli's Mom:

Please email RK at:


We can definitely help you to find blackmon and recover your money.

We are not involved, but were we blackmon would be in a court on law, forced to answer questions and not be flitting about as he is now.

However, you have standing for prosecution and with you we can help to bring blackmon to justice.

And by the way jim blackmon is a scoundrel -- RK knows this from our contact with him.

So please do contact us. We would very much like to see blackmon, and others like him, answer questions and make good on their promises.

Author: Eli's Mom
Fri, Oct 12th, 2012 11:18:35 AM

I am one of the fools who let Jim Blackmon get away with not paying me 'until later' or 'returning my textiles' for years.

We had worked together for some 25 years. I trusted him completely and admired his knowledge and skill in finding and trading.

Many thousand of dollars later and short a very large number of unreturned textile items, I am still trying to find Jim and get him to come clean with my family.

I listened to him for way too long on two occasions about this scam which others have mentioned and on the first occasion, after our departure, my husband was moved to question that perhaps Jim was not all stupid, but a scoundrel as well.

I still don't want to believe that he is a thief.

I don't know anything about Garry Muse, but I am curious about what other dealers were involved and how much they all got away with.

It harks back to the days of Eberhardt Herrmann. Is this just the way of the world of textiles?

Author: jc
Fri, Jul 13th, 2012 11:31:57 AM

Since our last posting on the blackmon/garry muse situation we have spoken to several other people who are familiar with what happened.

But, basically, we have learned nothing substantially new other than the fact it seems blackmon and muse were not the only art dealers who fell for the confidence game and got suckered into losing sizable amounts of money.

Oh by the way, we did hear jim blackmon was recently spotted in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the company of mr muse, who lives there, but unlike blackmon has not left his crib and gone underground.

Hopefully sooner than later more information will be forthcoming from our sources, so until then stay tuned...

Author: jc
Mon, May 21st, 2012 02:08:27 PM

More of the jim blackmon story is beginning to surface, and RK can now fairly positively report garry muse is intimately involved.

The story, as we have heard it from several people who claim to be in the know, has it that blackmon and muse got conned by someone posing as extremely wealthy and just as interested in buying some textiles from them.

Seems this person convinced blackmon and muse that a huge amount of money was coming, money which would be then spent on textiles.

But, and here's the con, a classic one at that, this person needed some money to tide them over until the big check appeared and was cleared, or some such nonsense.

Both blackmon and muse have proven themselves to be not the brightest bulbs on anyone's porch and they fell hook, line and sinker for the con, advancing some money to supposedly get alot more.

We have heard these two dumbass fools gave the con-artiste anywhere from 250K dollars to a cool mill.

Then, poof...the con artist disappeared leaving blackmon and muse in the lurch.

Hence blackmon exiting stage right, closing his gallery, and hiding out from many people who are owed.

As for muse, who always has been in the background, he too is not answering calls, or returning them.

How stupid can you get? Apparently not much more than blackmon and muse.

Stay tuned for further details...

NOTE: We readily admit this story is rumor, but it is fact blackmon's gallery is closed and muse will not answer or return calls.

The confidence game played on them has been related to us by three people, and we feel strongly enough about its truth to publish and put our name to it.

Perhaps doing so now will flush out more info? We surely hope so...

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