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Thu, Aug 16th, 2012 12:33:52 PM
Topic: hoffscheister: Something old, Nothing new...

We recently heard the third 'symposium' on Turkmen rugs (aka SCATA) will be held on June 2, again in Leipzig.

RK has commented on the first two, and we surely will not pass up the opportunity to offer a breath of fresh air to the rather stale, and might we say almost putrid, airs organizers like peter the plagiarist hoffmeister and his cohorts exude.

Last year's theme “The Sogdians and their Influence on the Turkmen” was their finest hour, regardless of the obvious fact they copied it from RK's WEAVING ART MUSEUM exhibition on the same topic which appeared two years before their event.

So not only do these poseurs stupidly prevent RK from attending, they also feel no shame in stealing our ideas and presenting them as if we did not exist.

But this is par for the course, as hoffscheister has for years copped our work and pretended our ideas are his.

One does not have to look very far to see the lack of originality and expertise these "SCATA" people maintain as this year's edition, centered on the publication of a book on hoffmeister's collection, shows how little gas is left in their tanks. Fact is they are barely running on empty -- the self promotion of hoffscheister and his mostly second-rate collection surely doesn't qualify as anything less than that.

RK has reviewed and cut to shreds any ideas the text that over-rated frau from Russia, Elena Tsareva, wrote for the hoffmesiter publication is something worth talking about, and why she will now sympose over it is absolutely beyond our imagination.

Here's the line-up of bat-boys sent to the plate to try and hit home runs in Leipzig. What a joke, well, that is to anyone aware enough not hoodwinked into believing anything different.

" Peter Hoffmeister will speak about his passion of collecting and also bring some pieces from his rare collection for a show and tell session.

Elena Tsareva will speak about her publication and answer related questions.

Friedrich Spuhler will speak about Post-Sassanidian and Sogdian Textiles with examples from the Sheikh Al-Sabah Collection in Kuwait.

Michael Buddeberg will speak about collections in general and possibilities of their preserving.

We doubt Tzavera or any of the others have read RK's comments, and it's no wonder why. Perhaps some gutsy participant who has will speak up and prod her to explain why any of the many point we raised about the speciousness of her text are ill-founded.

Oh, and let's not forget:

" Key pieces of the Hoffmeister Collection will be presented and SCATA invites anybody interested in this topic to attend. Attendance fee is 92 EUR and includes lunch, coffee and evening menu."

Need we mention hoffscheister has been trying to sell his collection for the past several years, even going so far, prior to the book's publication, to circulate "only to special buyers" a cd with the complete 'collection'.

Apparently this "symposium" will be the last ditch effort to try and drum up some buyers.

Bonne chance and Caveat emptor...

Author: jc
Thu, Aug 16th, 2012 12:33:52 PM

RK has learned the next issue of that rag hali magazine will contain a "review" of the Leipzig 'symposium'--aka the peter hoffscheister hip/hype to sell his collection.

The fact that rag hali has continued to push and pump hoffscheister's book, and efforts to "sell" his stash, are blatantly self-serving.

Would that rag hali have done, and keep doing, this were they not involved?

This type of behavior is patently disgusting considering that rag hali tries to project an aura of unprejudiced and unbiased reportage.

Yeah right...

Author: jc
Tue, Jun 5th, 2012 08:56:14 AM

RK has learned comrade frau Tsareva spent most of her time in front of the small audience defending her text for the hoffscheister collection publication against detractors, of which RK surely has to be considered the most important.

Let's also not forget that rag hali published a review of the book written by Michael Rothberg, which raised a few of the many issues RK breached.

There is little doubt Tsareva staked out positions that were less than scholarly, used documentation that was sorely deficient as well as completely non-existent, and in general could be accused of adding nothing to Turkmen studies.

What type of defense could thus be offered other than more posing and posturing.

And we have also heard hoffmeister's 'speech' was nothing but blah, blah; something we have come to expect from the turko-scheister from Coburg.

Lastly, several participants, according to one of our sources, were over-heard saying they were disappointed with the quality of the presentation and would not attend another of these 'symposia'.

There is surely plenty of interest on both sides of the Atlantic in Turkmen weavings, and the failure of the Leipzig group to stage increasingly successful meetings definitely leaves the coast open for some other group to seize the opportunity.

Author: jc
Mon, Jun 4th, 2012 10:07:04 AM

It is said "every dog has his day", and though some might say hoffmeister had his day this weekend others, like RK, know a cheating, small minded, turkomoron like peter hoffscheister could never manage one no matter how hard he might try.

The meeting in Leipzig was supposed to glorify the hoffmeister collection, using comrade frau Tsareva's alleged expertise to demonstrate to all his status as a consummate Turkmen rug collector.

Again to anyone in the know, and most in the know avoided the meeting as they would ant-infested picnic lunch, the hoffmeister collection is not nearly what the publication hyped at this meeting claims.

Nor does Tsareva's text do anything to prove the contrary, or that she is anything but academic poseur in Turkmen rug collecting land.

From the reports we have received the meeting was poorly attended, nothing of substance discussed and nothing added to the opus of Turkmen rug knowledge.

But what else to expect from a plagiarist like hoffscheister, who shamelessly used this meeting to find a buyer for his collection.

Author: jc
Sat, May 26th, 2012 12:18:35 AM

Things must not be going too well for hoffscheister and his cohorts as RK has heard from more than a few Turkmen carpet collectors they have received phone calls from him asking if they are going to attend.

Clearly anyone who needs to travel a considerable distance would think twice about attending an event that is nothing but a shameful display of self-promotion.

How the other organizers would go along with hoffscheister's greedy and sticky little plans to pump his collection and publication at their expense is beyond imagination.

In the stock market game a ploy called pump and dump describes phony publicity about a stock's alleged value, pumping its price up and then when others start buying dumping it like a hot potato.

The publication Tsazerva authored describes in glowing terms many less than stellar pieces in the hoffmeister collection, this is the pump. That rag hali went along with the game and frankly Daniel Shaffer should be ashamed to have participated.

He knows better, but RK is not certain if Tsareva does because her resume in rugDUMB is littered with similar say nothing, or say nonsense, about Turkmen weavings.

Time will tell how many attend but RK is quite sure the audience will be much smaller than previous years.

And there is no one other than greedy peter turko-poseur hoffmeister to blame.

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