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October 3, 1925 July 31, 2012
Mon, Aug 6th, 2012 05:27:24 AM
Topic: Gore Vidal
October 3, 1925 July 31, 2012

Gore Vidal, writer, philosopher, anti-war advocate, America Firster and many other things has passed from the planet.

Many long years ago someone close to RK remarked the following about getting old: "When policemen start looking like young boys is when you know you are getting old."

To that RK would add: You know you're getting old when each passing month brings news of the passing from the planet of someone you know well, or someone you admire.

And Gore Vidal is someone RK admires. He first became know to us during the Vietnam War days, when RK was involved in the protest and bring the troops home movement.

Vidal was an outspoken critic of America's involvement in the Vietnam War, as well as the Second World War. Both stances RK applauded and agreed with wholeheartedly.

Vidal continued to speak out until his passing. His opposition to the Iraq War disaster is again laudable and one we appreciate.

Vidal was a great story teller whose knowledge of history was as broad as could be. In that vein, here is one of RK's favorite Vidal quotes: "America was founded by its greatest men, and we have not seen them since." Hear, Hear Gore Vidal.

There are many other equally as sanguine and perceptive quips from Vidal we could cite but, and we end this tribute to him here, this is our favorite -- not because we agree with his sexual politics but because it encapsulates the patrician and aristocratic person he truly embodied.

When asked by an interviewer if his first sexual experience was with a man or a woman, Vidal replied "I was too polite to ask".

Losing a Gore Vidal, whose voice never tired of protesting militarism and senseless war, is a great one, regardless of how little of it echoed in the halls of power.

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