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Thu, Aug 30th, 2012 12:01:55 AM
Topic: Volkmann-Treffen 2012

Original or fake is the topic the Volkmann-Treffen will "tackle" in 2012.

RK can say "So what" without little fear of demeaning, let alone insulting, what will happen.

Like the increasingly moribund other aspects of oriental rug collecting, need we mention the age of participants, the abysmal level of 'scholarship', the auction market for anything but a classical rug (no matter how derivative or low down on the best of type chart), the decreasing number pf pages in that rag hali devoted to anything but articles about antique oriental rugs save once again those boringly over-publicized classical models, and other items we could easily include, we now have the Volkmann-Treffen examining Mr Tuduk's body of work that has already been analyzed more than any high profile murder victim on a TV crime show and other already well-known fakes.

You can be sure they will not enter into exposing, for instance, those who produce and continue to pull the wool over the eyes, pun intended, of anyone stupid enough to open their wallets and buy a circa 1900 Kazak at rippon boswell or any other rug auction and believe it is anything but a fake.

Clearly rugDUMB and those who mistakenly think they are capable of leading, like Volkmann-Treffer christian erber, suffer a distinct lack guts and honesty to "tackle" the real problems of fakes and reproductions.

Worse still is their missing originality and ability to conceive how to move oriental rug collecting into the mainstream of both art collecting and appreciation -- the real import a meeting like the Volkmann-Treffen could and should address.

Lord know we have had enough back-patting icoc, acor and other supposed congress, conference and meeting which have not raised one iota the standing of the oriental rug.

We need not belabor this point by further discussion, the proof is in the pudding.

But we can make a suggestion: Instead of rehashing, do something original like taking on rugDUMB's penchant for cheating, deceiving and generally ripping-off those who are foolish enough, like the Collector's Committee of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art(LACMA), to listen to supposed 'experts', like dennis the cheat and thief dodds and the three stooges(thompson, mackie and denny who approved the purchase) and get stuck with inferior or down right fakes.

LACMA's bellini is no Tuduk fake, but it is not the 16th century museum worthy masterpiece the museum and its Collector's Committee thought, and were told, they had purchased.

We'd bet dollars to donut-holes if a half-wit, self-promoter like erber led the Volkmann-Treffen to examine the dodds/LACMA bogus 'bellini' not only would the number of participants increase but, far more importantly to the bottom-line, the art world would see, and learn, rugDUMB is interested in cleaning up its sordid and well-deserved reputation.

Author: jc
Thu, Aug 30th, 2012 12:01:55 AM

Addendum: We notice michael franses is one of the speakers at the meeting.

Since he is there, and will be talking about "fooling all the people all of the time" the topic of his talk, we suggest if he does not breach the issue someone in the audience ask him about the dodds/LACMA bogus-bellini.

Why: Well try this on for size -- all our investigations about the dodds/LACMA bogus bellini point to franses being the person who gave/sold/traded it to dodds.

We are 99.99 percent positive this is how dodds got it.

And we are 100 percent sure of the facts in the rest of the story we have published.

It's time for mr michael franses to admit he owned the rug and to also admit it is bogus and not what LACMA was told.

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