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Thu, Nov 22nd, 2012 12:41:04 AM
Topic: "dr" jon thompson talks in LA California 10/27

The title of "dr" jon thompson's coming talk in Los Angeles, California is "Thoughts about Turkmen Weavings".

However, if "dr" jon thompson had any honesty or personal integrity he would be talking about his role in the dennis dodds "bellini" carpet fiasco.

It is truly astounding "dr" jon thompson has the audacity to appear in Los Angeles and do anything but beg forgiveness for approving the late genre period reproduction "bellini" carpet, dodds ripped-off the Collector's Committee of the Los Angeles County Art Museum(LACMA) to the tune of 250,000 dollars, for purchase.

Everyone who knows the difference between a bellini cocktail and a museum quality 16th century Turkish Bellini carpet realizes dodds is a thief and thompson's rug knowledge is either is too uniformed to know a real Bellini from a later period reproduction or he was in on the game and received money from dodds for approving the purchase for LACMA.

RK has challenged thompson to meet us on a stage to defend his stupid and ignorant opinion the dodds "bellini" is a genuine 16th century example. But to date thompson has not responded or even acknowledged our challenge.

RK has posted a video here on RugKazbah.com of thompson refusing to discuss his role in the "bellini" purchase. The video was made on thompson's last visit to Los Angeles when he spoke at LACMA.

And still thompson refuses to face the mess he was instrumental in causing.

All this and thompson now has the balls to go to Los Angeles again to talk about anything else?

Please: What a bald-faced carpet-bagging pond-scum like "dr" jon thompson needs is to be dragged onto a public platform, made to apologize to LACMA, their Collector's Committee and admit he was totally wrong in his approving the dodds "bellini" for purchase.

It is truly a shame a three time loser like "dr" jon thompson continues to enjoy a sterling reputation, only in RugDUMB could someone of thompson's ilk be anywhere other than ostracized to Siberia.

For those of you who don't know about the three highly public and embarrassing errors "dr" jon thompson has made let RK list them:

1. The Washington Textile Museum catalog's Imreli nonsense where thompson tried and then miserably failed to prove his contention certain Turkmen weavings war made by the Imreli group.

But worse than his piss-poor scholarship was his trying to laugh off his errors by saying it was all a big joke.

2. The reproduction and FAKE second "Faces" rug fragment "dr" jon thompson approved for purchase by a very high profile collector who has now left rug buying behind and is off the scene thanks in no part to his being fooled and cheated by listening to thompson and others who told him the fragment was ancient.

3. The dodds "bellini" carpet affair and continuing coverup of the truth and facts which prove the rug is a late genre period reproduction far more suitable for a dog to sleep on than for a museum to own.

This is why LACMA has consigned the "bellini" rug to the sub-basement where it will gather dust for many years to come.

That is "dr" jon thompson's record in RugDUMB and by the way the reason RK puts "" around the dr part of thompson's name is for the simple fact he is a medical doctor and can rightly use that title in medicine but since thompson is no longer involved in medicine his continued use of the 'dr" title shows what a poseur and cheap-trick he truly is.

RK hopes someone will go to the talk, the press release is shown below, and have the courage and honesty to question thompson and get him to face the music for his dumbass approving dodds's "bellini" for purchase by LACMA and his counting to try and cover it up.

Dr. Jon Thompson will hold a lecture “Turkmen Weavings: Some Thoughts on their Vocabulary of Ornament” 27 October 2012 at 10.00 am for the Textile Museum Associates of Southern California. This lecture will take place at Rug Ideas Oriental Rug Gallery in Los Angeles.

According to the information from TMA/SC’s Cheri Hunter this presentation will examine several Turkmen motifs in detail. It will discuss their various sources, the transformations they have undergone, and in some cases their remarkable antiquity. It will also emphasize some of the pitfalls in this kind of art historical enquiry.

“Turkmen rugs are hot stuff in the collectors world today. Dr. Jon Thompson who is a world caliber rug scholar and researcher is coming to Los Angeles from London to deliver a talk in our rug gallery” said Khosrow Sobhe, President at Rug Ideas.

Author: George M
Wed, Nov 21st, 2012 08:26:53 AM

Greetings George M:

RK has answered your questions and written extensively about dodds' "Bogus bellini".

You, and everyone else, who does not know the truth and wants to can learn all here:

"LACMA's Questionable Rug Purchase":


You can also see a video of "dr" jon thompson, in action, avoiding discussing his role in the "bellini' affair here:


Believe it or not, the video was made when thompson was last in Los Angeles, speaking at LACMA, where no one but RK's actor had the courage or honesty to question thompson about his approving the bogus bellini for purchase..

PS: RK's discussion board does NOT support links, so just copy the links above into your browser and you will be able to access those pages.


So John Thompson is going to LA to speak about symbolism in rugs he considers unimportant. It seems a waste of his valuable time and intellectual capacity. However, it may be a lucrative gig so one might make allowances. Having only seen the "Bellini" rug hanging behind Dodds in the photo of him manning his booth at a rug convention, can anyone who has seen the rug in person give an assessment of its color, condition etc? BTW, Happy Thanksgiving to All.

Author: jc
Sun, Oct 28th, 2012 12:42:07 AM

If once again "dr" jon thompson visits Los Angeles escapes being questioned for his role in the dodds bogus "bellini" fiasco it proves rugDUMB is even more lame and stupid than the accusations RK has leveled.

We have not heard if this was the case at last night's talk, but we hope someone had the guts and honesty to put thompson on the carpet and grill him about this ongoing, now almost 8 years old, mess.

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