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Wed, Mar 13th, 2013 02:34:56 PM
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RK does not know exacltly what is going on in the offices of that rag hali.

But we do know enough to suspect nothing really good, as the magazine has shot itself in the foot so many times it now appears to be permanently crippled.

For instance: There has not been a new item posted on their website since 26 June 2012, and if the 'use it or lose it' aphorism ever had a home turf it's the internet.

We have also heard a number of staff have been let go, and it would appear from the lack of interest in the website, and other rumors RK has been privy to, those who are left collecting their paychecks are just too busy to bother to update it.

This bodes poorly for the magazines chances.

And now with big-bucks michael franses (yeah right not from what we have heard) back in the cockpit, we will all have to see if he can pull hali out of the nose-dive trajectory it has increasingly charted for the past few years.

Between you and me RK doubts captain franses, or anyone else, will be able to do anything other than try to delay why appears to be a sooner or later crash landing in some muddy bog, a place RK would surely not be adverse to seeing it remain.

In our longstanding opinion that rag hail has done little other than feather its own nest or that of its tiny clique of favorite ruggies.

Fact is were they not so self-interested and greedy we believe their present surely somewhat dire circumstances would have never happened.

Author: jc
Wed, Mar 13th, 2013 02:34:56 PM

Thank God for that rag hali's newsletter #82 arriving in RK's inbox. What would we do without it?

Yesshh, what little news there is in the newsletter, most is paid advertisement, could be summed up as completely ignorable.

But wait: "BREAKING NEWS: More HALI for Less

The next issue of HALI (Spring 2013, no. 175), will be new in many ways: a new design, a new editorial approach, new articles and new sections, a new website and more than 25% off subscription rates.

The next issue will benefit from a wider distribution and will be available to over 10,000 readers."

Ha, Ha; that rag hali's problems are not going to be fixed by a facelift, a "new" website, or "new" sections.

No, not at all.

That's like giving a terminally ill patient a new pajama and ergonomic toothbrush.

What's wrong with those twits?

That rag hali needs to get serious and realize its future is bleak, and "new improved" this or that, usually an aphorism for meaningless improvements, ain't gonna cut it.

And who, pray tell, are those 10,000 readers the trumpeted "wider distribution" will reach?

Guess they're planning to give away 6,000 or more copies, because that's the only way RK will bet they could possibly reach that number.

Oh well, glad RK's ship ain't tied to that rag hali's rusting pier.

And by the way, let RK be the first to inform michael, aka little lord, franses lowering the price is a major stupid move.


Because that rag hali has a core readership of maybe 2,500-3,000 who subscribe, and these folks will pay basically any price to hold it in their hands.

Smarter move would have been to raise the price.

By lowering it dummy franses and company will not attract many new readers. This is for sure and you can quote us.

No, lowering the price will only lower receivables, not increase them, as that core readership will now pay less.

In the good times, now long gone and never to return, a magazine like that rag hali could turn a profit but now it's a new world, and with the drastic shrinkage rug collecting and home decoration buying has experienced and will continue to experience in the foreseeable future there is no room left for a high priced coffee-table mag like it.

Best bet, and here's some more free advice for franses and company, would be to turn that rag hali into an internet only bi-monthly, thereby cutting the cost of producing a magazine which is the major financial drain.

RK believes that rag hali could successfully make the transition and in doing so save itself and, yes, turn a profit.

But since franses has never shown any real business prowess we are sure he is too stupid to realize the merits this suggestion carries.

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