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Sat, Jun 1st, 2013 12:53:59 AM
Topic: When is a kotchak a dragon&phoenix?

RK has lambasted mr ronnie newman a number of times for his ridiculous attributions, outlandish greed, generally obnoxious and odious persona.

Today's browse of the internet found him offering this kelim for sale:

He calls it shahsevan, and while we doubt he or anyone else could correctly attribute it to any maker we surely would not waste our time ridiculing him for such an attempt.

Rather we find absurd his belief the design is a "dragon and phoenix", or that it is in any shape or form related to this iconography.

Actually for mr newsman's benefit let RK set him straight and along the path to what this iconography is all about.

It is undoubtedly the kotchak assembly, two kotchak and a box between them, an iconic symbol found in many Turkmen weavings.

Here is one for comparison:

We challenge mr newman or anyone else to try and build a case for the kelim having anything to do with newsman's hallucinatory "dragon and phoenix" reveries.

What makes his interpretation worth critiquing is newsman's 40 plus year involvement with oriental rugs.

Only a clown, a crook or a moron would, after such long time, propose dragons and phoenix were engaged in doing anything on his kelim.

Yesshhh, folks, you just can't make sh*t like this up...

PS: The answer to the question: When is a kotchak a dragon and phoenix is never, unless a turko-moron like mr newman is pontificating.

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