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Wed, Jan 15th, 2014 12:09:41 AM
Topic: Seljuk wet-dream

In 1981 when RK was traveling throughout Anatolia and Istanbul we met and visited with many oriental rug dealers.

One of the more amusing anecdotes, which happened more than once, was the occasional offer of a "Seljuk" rug.

"Would you have interest in a "Seljuk" rug?" is usually how it was put to us. To which we answered "Well, yes, please do show us."

Invariably after more banter and fanfare the "Seljuk" rug or fragment was produced and it was always about as "Seljuk" as a WalMart dish towel.

After the first few times we thought these sellers were just trying to fool a customer and they well knew what they had was nothing at all to do with "Seljuk".

But in the end we soon realized they just plain well didn't know what they had wasn't "Seljuk", and believed deep down inside that it really was.

The other day we spied this internet offer, which is now gone:

The caption reads: "Early fragmentary mounted Central Anatolian Yatak replete with wonderful color showing Seljuk design influence, zoomorphic border"

The seller, ronnie, aka runny, newman, has been profiled as a proven turko-moron here on RugKazbah.

And it seems as time goes on newman continues to demonstrate a gross inability to fathom the difference between dish towels and "Seljuk", or even what "Seljuk" influence" looks like.

Only in RugDumb could a runny newman in 2013, forget the thirty year ago academically isolated rug dealers in Anatolia and Istanbul, call a rug like this, which has absolutely nothing even reminiscent of known "Seljuk" weavings, one with "Seljuk design influence".

There are only 10 or so Seljuk carpets and fragments, and this is probably what runny thinks is the 'influence'.

Clearly, there's no similarity even a myopic, rug-schmatta peddler like newman could possibly try to prove.

Well, that is obvious to all except those who might believe your local WalMart will be soon running an Xmas special on Seljuk design influenced dish towels.

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