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Tue, Feb 18th, 2014 02:49:25 PM
Topic: 17th century yastik? laughably ridiculous

Below is a listing ronnie newmann, one of the if not the most scurrilous purveyors of antique rugs, very recently listed for sale on the internet. He claims the fragment is 17th century.

Just because something is fragmented, or has an anthropomorphic looking border, does not in any way equate to it being 17th century.

Everything thing about this half a yastik says first half of the 19th century, and calling it that is early enough.

Forget 18th century.

And 17th? Only a thieving dishonest dealer, or someone who just has no clue about age, would dare to try and forward such a stupid idea. And by the way ronnie newmann has proven he is both.

RK truly feels sorry newmann has not already been shut down for his deceitful salesman's patter. He is a blight on the antique rug business.

And speaking of carpet world miscreants here is dennis the liar, cheat and thief dodds's latest internet offer.

Reading dodds's as usual absurdly poised description(below) one would think he was offering a masterpiece of Anatolian weaving and not a very ordinary, quite ugly in our opinion, commercial workshop one.

RK has added our comments in italics.

Exceptional Anatolian village rug, 4.3 x 7.0 feet (130 x 213 cm) from the Konya-Karapinar region of central Turkey, probably second quarter 19c.

The only thing exceptional about this rug is dodds's desire to sell it. There is not one facet that any honest person would or could call exceptional, and dodds is nothing but a crook to say different.

Excellent condition with plush, floppy handle and mostly full, lustrous pile with unusual apricot ground, clear sparkling colors and oxidation of black dyes.

The pictures dodds listed are far too small and blurry for RK to really see if this rug has lots of restoration, or if it is even as old as dodds claims. Regardless, it's a ghastly rendition of a common type, nothing at all for anyone in the know to honestly get excited about.

Slight localized wear, selvages are original and intact, with a very small amount of expert restoration, approx. 6 sq. inches total.

Six square inches? Believing anything he says is but an exercise in hopium. RK would not believe anything a crook like dennis dodds claims without first seeing it for ourself in person.

The spacious and powerful composition featuring two fully-formed Holbein-type octagons is augmented by spiky Ottoman-style hyacinths and graphic, oversized tulips.

Powerful? Please now, wake the hell up, dodds, you crook. There is absolutely nothing powerful about this rug's design. Spiky Ottoman-style hyacinths? What a glorious term to describe a barely understood later weaver's attempt to recreate the beautiful iconography the earliest of the Ottoman pile rugs display. And for dodds to call any relationship here spiky goes over the top to prove what a storyteller he is.

Each end of the rug displays a superb set of bold pentagonal lappets with beautifully rendered ornate interiors, all connected by a chain of elegant trefoil devices.

Superb set of lappets? Compared to what, surely not an original, non-workshop, Anatolian Village rug. Beautifully rendered ornate interiors? More dodds nonsensical illusions. And elegant? There is absolutely nothing elegant about this mediocre, ugly, late commercial attempt at weaving a Village rug. Even a crook like dodds should be ashamed to scribble such worthless and patently untrue palaver.

High quality collector piece.

High quality collector piece? Again compared to what? There is nothing high quality about this rug. PERIOD

For fido to sleep on it might be good value at 25-50% of the we are sure outrageously high price dodds is asking .

And as a "piece of art" or historic example of the wonders of Anatolian looms it is a nothing but a complete failure.

Like newmann, calling dodds a rug world shyster and crook is nothing that is in any way off the mark.

But at least this time dodds, unlike newmann, represents his rug as 19th century, which is what it and newmann's as well surely are.

Remember the bogus bellini??

Author: jc
Tue, Feb 18th, 2014 02:49:25 PM

RK has seen no one has taken the bait from newmann and swallowed the absurd hook his yastik is 17th century.

On the other hand dodds says his crap pseudo-village rug is on hold, aka someone has expressed strong interest to buy it.

RK sincerely hopes whomever that might be is not under the impression the rug is anything but a mediocre workshop imitation.

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