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Sat, Apr 12th, 2014 06:39:53 AM
Topic: Beating the horse to Death

In the just released latest issue of that rag hali there's another, ad nauseum, review of the sotheby New York "Distinguished Collections" sale written by Judith Glass, who works in the rug and carpet department.

This "review" has already appeared on that rag hali's website and RK has shredded to smithereens her Oh so obviously tainted, self-interested comments.

Can't those numbskulls at that rag hali dig up someone, anyone, else? Someone who is not directly connected, and drawing a salary from sotheby, to write such a "review".

Were this a one-off mistake of judgement we all could forgive it. But, alas, having self-interest as a motivating force behind much of what is published between this magazines glossy covers is, and not to exaggerate, its time proven modus operandi.

But worse is the continued horn-blowing about a sale that surely is not going to go down in any real record book as a phenomenal, times they are a changin', one.

RK has already demonstrated how full of hyperbole and misinformation Ms Glass saw fit to, and that rag hali's editorial department saw fit to, publish.

These rug dimwits can't get it right and should be embarrassed to continue their phony efforts to rewrite what happened at the sale.

The rug market, or should we say the market for certain types of antique rugs is surely not dead. And we have never implied it is.

But it surely has no lively, well populated, and diverse paying audience. And not until rugDUMB starts to tell it like it is, and not like it hopes and prays it might be, RK is afraid no new blood flapping checkbooks and wide open wallets will be entering this collecting arena.

And while Ms Glass, that rag hali's ben-still a decade on wet behind the ears-evans and their compatriots might be high fiving and back-slapping each other, RK and anyone else with 20/20 vision can truly only wonder why.

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