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Sun, Apr 13th, 2014 02:03:40 AM
Topic: Revolting: Vienna's "flying carpets" room redo

RK has visited the Museum of Applied Arts (the MAK or as it is better known locally Museum für Angewandte Kunst) many times since our first trip to Vienna in 1974.

Their collection of carpets and textiles is a great one, and at different times over that 39 year period RK has had the pleasure of viewing their holdings both in their gallery and once in their reserve collection depot.

On our last visit the room where the carpets were displayed had grey stone walls and a nice selection of early weavings exhibited on them, as well as lying on matching grey stone platforms in front of those walls.

We have not yet seen the "new" installation in person; however, we have seen photos and can only say "what a revolting development this is".

How anybody could possibly believe hanging dozens of rugs in such close proximity, at such ridiculous angles with dozens of wires destroying the visual experience is beyond RK's imagination.

In our book there is nothing worse than design for design’s sake, and this redo of the MAK’s carpet room is nothing but a hideous example of this truism.

Clearly it is obvious absolutely nobody involved in this remake knows anything about historic carpets or worse has any appreciation of what they are all about, or even how to appreciate them.

RK is no reactionary or Luddite. Nor are we against modernization. We sincerely believe bringing in new ideas is the life blood of humanity.

However, and this remake in Vienna is a perfect example, if in making something modern you destroy the most important and salient qualities it possesses only a fool would cheer.

Seems RugDUMB’s press, ie that rag hali, is once again shown to be the fool as their report on the remake has not one iota of questioning its viability, forget about as RK has now done stating how revolting it truly is.

And here in the picture below readers can see a Ladik three niche prayer rug that tramples to dust the one sold in the Christie’s London sale Daniel Shaffer claimed was a candidate for best of type.

It’s surely not the best of type in our book, but it’s just one example of many we could find in the literature that is far the better than the one Shaffer mistakeningly tried to pass off.

And notice how the wires are anything but a complete turn-off and obstacle to viewing it?

Those idiots in Vienna need to know from all of you what you think about their stupid “flying carpet” renovation.

And PS if you, like those dimwits at that rag hali think it is good, OK, or you’re just to lazy to even have an opinion RK suggests you forget you ever thought you were a rug collector.

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