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Sat, Nov 29th, 2014 04:00:04 AM
Topic: the Leslie and robert Pinner Collection Sale

Yesterday RK published a critical review and reappraisal of the "Blumen in der Wüste" as this month June, 2014 is the 21th anniversary of its publication and the exhibition in Hamburg, Germany it memorialized.

Another Turkmen carpet collecting anniversary, which just passed by with no fanfare, is the 10th for the pinner collection, sold at rippon-boswell in May of 2004.

RK thought it timely to draw attention to our extensive eight part review of the sale, which includes some social history about pinner and his far more charming and Turkmen rug knowledgeable wife Leslie who wore the collector pants in the family.

Taking them out of our online Archives and placing them here, in Best of RugKazbah, will allow readers, new and old, a chance to do some further reading on Turkmen rugs, and look back over their shoulders at times past.

RK also wishes to draw attention to the numerous writing we have done concerning robert pinner, and by putting his name in our search engine at the top of our Discussion Board home page they can be easily accessed.

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