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Sat, Aug 2nd, 2014 11:55:40 PM
Topic: BMFA displays paquin collection pieces

That rag hali's website informs readers the Boston Museum of Fine Art (BMFA) has mounted a "small exhibition" of weavings from the gerard pacquin collection.

Astute and conscious readers will probably remember pacquin is the turko-moron who thinking he discovered a trove of early Turkish embroideries actually discovered a trove of recently produced fake reproductions.

To make matters worse that rag hali published a feature article heralding his discovery -- what idiots.

And still to this day neither pacquin or that rag hali has admitted the error or their stupidity in falling for it.

In fact, if RK had not publicized pacquin's stupidity, and we are the only one to have, we are sure some of them would now be in certain New England collections after having been purchased for substantial sums.

Make no doubt about it: Mr pacquin is a turko-dummy who regardless of the fact has collected some good pieces is surely no one to be exhibiting his gear in a major museum like the BMFA. Nor should he be leading tours to discuss his rugs, even if his patter is only of the most inconsequential sort.

RugDumb is laughable, and the BMFA's publicity for this small show exhibits absolutely no curatorial effort, forget brilliance -- it is classic comic book content fit for turk0tek.com and not one of the most important museums on the east coast or in America.

Is it any wonder there are no new collectors entering this field?

Author: jc
Sat, Aug 2nd, 2014 11:55:40 PM

For those readers who are not familiar with pacquin's blunder of blunders we suggest they place his name in the search link on our homepage.

A standout in RK's Archive is titled "Desperately Seeking Ottoman", which hammers nails in pacquin's purported scholar's coffin.

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