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Sun, Aug 3rd, 2014 02:43:00 PM
Topic: about RK's examination of the franses Doha talk

Exactly a year ago, in July 2013, RK critiqued the online presentation podcast of michael franses's "Animal Carpet" talk given in Doha during the 2011 Hamad bin Khalifa Symposium on Islamic Art.

Since then it has been in the Anatolian/Turkish Rug Topic Area of RugKazbah.com, and more than 1,000 readers have viewed it.

Today we decided to move it here because it continues to prove RK's position michael franses is far from the rug "scholar" publicity about him implies.

In reviewing and examining franses's podcast RK provides more than enough evidence to prove his inability to add anything new and insightful to this topic, as well as pointing out some highly questionable, and often dubious, statements it contains.

Reading our examination shows franses provides nothing but restatement of what is already known about this group of early animal carpets, plus it sheds light on his attempt to rewrite the story behind its primary subject, the "animal rug" sold by Heinrich Kirchheim to the Islamic Museum in Doha, a sale in which franses himself was materially involved.

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