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Mon, Aug 11th, 2014 04:52:54 AM
Topic: franses: From the Horse's Mouth: Part 1

About six months ago RK emailed michael franses using a fictitious name and pretending to be a wealthy man interested in purchasing some exemplary classical carpets. We will refer to this fictional character by the initials of the name we chose -- GR.

We purposely chose a name that is not even close to anyone who has ever been, or is even now, involved with collecting oriental rugs.

Knowing that franses is easily impressed by, and enamored of, wealth and class stature we laid both on thick in our initial emails with him, and franses immediately swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker.

Soon he was, and we will explain this a bit later, telling GR many of his closest held secrets.

So many and so deep were they even we were surprised anyone, even a paranoid control-freak type like michael franses, would tell such things to a complete stranger with whom he had only exchanged a few emails.

But RK has always maintained franses is not very bright or smart, not at all educated, and someone who always acts towards others either in an imperious manner or in an obsequious one.

Here in this case, and we are sure others he has found himself in with individuals who, like he thought the fictitious GR did, possessed great wealth and prestige, franses could not help himself to act in a completely deferential, almost servile, manner.

This, and we will explain why later on, is the reason he basically bared his soul to GR, someone he not only never met, or talked to, but someone who he really knew next to nothing about.

Well, other than what GR told him in their email exchanges.

During the four months of exchanging emails a few times per month franses told GR things we are sure he has not told anyone else except probably his wife Jacqueline.

See franses is a truly lonely guy who trusts no one and who believes only he is good enough and everyone else is far below him.

Well, of course, everyone except those like GR who can wield their trappings of great wealth and important social stature to awe meer mortals like michael franses.

In the world of michael franses either he is above you or you are above him -- there is no equality, no place for equal footing or genuine relationship.

We have known this about franses for many years.

Remember long ago, in the middle and late 1970's RK and franses were doing business together and during this time RK's well honed ability to size people up gave us more than enough opportunity to know just exactly who and what michael franses was all about.

Since then we have also been privy to a good helping of talk about franses's maneuvers in the rug world and have listened to numerous stories told to us by those who are still now, and have been in the past, closely involved with him.

However, all this pales in comparison to the blabbering franses did in his emails to GR which was, unlike all of this other second hand gossip and rumor from reliable sources, information coming directly from the horse's mouth.

We intend on publishing certain parts of franses's conversations with GR here on RugKazbah.com, particularly the viciously untrue and highly defamatory statements he conveyed when GR asked him about Jack Cassin and the Weaving Art Museum.

So stay tuned, RK can promise some real fireworks even though Fourth of July won't come around again for quite some time.

Author: jc
Mon, Aug 11th, 2014 04:52:54 AM

The world, well at least where RK is hanging his hat, is on vacation and while we don't consider where we are at the moment a "vacation" we have poor to no internet service and therefore we are somewhat behind schedule in adding to this discussion.

We will, however, get to it as soon as possible.

Author: jc
Thu, Aug 7th, 2014 07:11:18 AM

Since 1984, which was the last time before this July when RK spoke to franses, we have known about the vicious lies and absolutely untrue distortions and comments michael franses has made about us.

But we really had no proof positive of what he had said and was continuing to say to this day.

Now, finally, we have that proof in hand and intend on making it and more public, not only to show what a vindictive weasel franses is but also to demonstrate the depths he (and others) have gone to in their attempts to destroy both RK's reputation and accomplishments.

We will, asap, follow through on these words regardless of franses's worthless attempts to silence us and prevent the truth about him, his lies and deceitful actions from seeing public exposure.

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