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Fri, Aug 15th, 2014 12:46:12 AM
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When franses found out he had for months been emailing with RK and not an extremely wealthy 80 year old German man he thought was going to become the client of the century we are sure he not only felt like the rug had been pulled from under him but he had been wrapped up in it as well.

After we told him it was us, and receiving several emails with our name at the bottom, franses agreed to talk with us about the situation.

After several purposely aborted, on franses's part, attempts we did speak on July 9th and the again on the 10th.

During these two calls he told us how "upset" he was, mostly concerning our brief comments about his daughter Jessica's website where she continues to advance franses's deceptions about himself, his past and present activities in the rug business

Frankly, we were surprised he picked this to obsess over considering all the comments he wrote in the emails are far more damaging to him than what we said about his daughter's website.

But all that pales to what he did prior to those calls and after finding out the truth about who he had been emailing with.

And to call michael franses a weasel for that and to describe him as incredibly stupid, which is something we have maintained for decades, for having revealed so much information to a total stranger are both definitely not unwarranted.

We are sure franses is far more “upset” and concerned about the derogatory blabbering he did, which included not only untrue comments about us but also comments about major players in the rug business, his job in Doha working for the Museum Authority and the various people in Doha he has met and is working with and for, as well as revealing his failing business prospects, his private collection of rugs and Chinese textiles, his lack of funds to pay for his coming old age, etc, etc.

But before we embarrass franses further we must make public the vile and totally despicable comments he made about us.

First he wrote we are “a very sick man” who “lives in a fantasy world” and some of the “text” we write is “pure fantasy”.

Well, here’s some wake-up call for mr franses: If anyone is a sick man it’s the person he sees whenever he looks in the mirror.

Only a sick and desperate person would reveal so much information to a complete and utter stranger he had never met or even talked to in person or on the phone.

Plus it is not RK who lives in a fantasy world, it is michael franses who does.

Let’s all remember franses’s self-issued publicity states he is “retired”, but what a lie that is as franses is a full time, contracted, employee of the Museum Authority organization in Doha. Some retirement, huh?

Add to that fantasy this one: franses presently, and for about the past two years, has been the owner of that rag hali magazine, however, according to his self-issued publicity, as well as what appears on his daughter Jessica Franses’s website, michael franses is the “former owner”.

Add to this the fact his Textile Gallery website is still active and he returns all emails sent there, that’s how we contacted him, but again both his self-issued publicity, and his daughter’s website, state he is the “former owner”.

Claiming RK “writes about pieces we have never seen” is another blatant lie and when we spoke on the phone with franses and asked him to tell us exactly what pieces he was referring to he backtracked and said he “knows of only one, the (so-called) Faces Carpet”.

But when confronted with the truth, the fact we saw it with Lisbet Holmes, franses apologized for his error.

So goes for his claiming we have a “violent manner”, engage in “offensive behavior”, and make “libelous comments”.

These are all untrue and part and parcel of the fantasy world of RK defamation franses wrote in those emails, as well as we are sure has been making to many other people over the past thirty years.

We now have prima facie proof to support our contentions about franses’s efforts to destroy our reputation and damage our character.

Furthermore franses claimed he “never did any carpet business” with us, which is another complete lie and also one he recanted in our phone conversation.

He likewise did the same, and said he was incorrect, for stating he “threw him(RK) out of the hali office for prevent(ing) publication of our magazine”. More franses fantasy to support his bogus belief we are a boogey-man and he is snow-white.

About our websites he stated they “contain truth, lies and half truths all mixed together”. Such a comment is nonsense and far more applies to franses and his tinkerbell fantasy world publicity about himself than it does about RK’s websites.

But this is the topper : franses writing “Cassin is a very dangerous man indeed, he has fooled many people”.

This is total fabrication without an ounce of truth as we have never done anything to anybody. Nor have we ever tricked or fooled anyone. More franses lies and slander.

Same for “if you read his websites which cannot be closed down you will understand how sick he is”.


Well then, if telling the truth makes one a sick man than we will agree we are sick.

But in our world telling the truth can never equate with what franses is claiming about us.

And to support his vile comments franses says “I can list you at least 10 highly respected people who would agree with all that I say.”

Sure, we will bet he can and that list will include dennis dodds, peter hoffmeister, jim burns, gerard pacquin, steve price, jon thompson, louise mackie, dan walker and all the other rug business liars, morons, cheats, fools and academic posers RK has called out for their actions.

And let’s all remember not one of them has ever tried to stop us, as they and franses all know what RK has written about them is the truth.

We are now sure readers have gotten the picture of franses’s efforts to libel and defame us, to destroy our reputation and to falsely claim our publications and writing is copied and full of half truths and falsehoods.

To say franses is a total liar and a disgusting excuse for an honest broker of information is to make light of his words.

Stay tuned for more…

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