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Sat, Aug 16th, 2014 08:04:46 AM
Topic: A Prototype Belouch Weaving & A Copy

RK is definitely not an appreciator of Belouch weavings, as our loyal readership well knows.

Most of them are just too boringly derivative of earlier weaving group's efforts for us to even bother to take notice.

Sure, sure the better genres of Belouch weavings have great wool and give a sensational touchy-feely response to aficionados.

But when RK wants this type of physical pleasure we can think of a number of other things to stroke, particularly the shiny blonde hair of our latest amore.

But seriously now our opinion about Belouch weavings does not stop us from appreciating the rare one which breaks the mold and creates an original statement -- one with genuine iconographic spark and meaning.

A few years ago we came across and purchased the quite damaged but genuinely old and interesting Belouch small format rug, shown below on the right.

We have published this rug before and perhaps some astute Belouchophiles will remember.

For those who don't that picture and description can be found in the Belouch Rugs Topic Area in this post The Ubitquous Belouch Medallion Uncovered.

We have nothing further to add other than our having seen a descendant weaving recently offer for sale on the internet that is pictured above on the left.

There is absolutely no doubt early, prototype weavings from all the different genres and types of oriental rugs were the source for later copies, sometimes only one or very few were made and other times multitudes.

In this instance this later copy is the sole example yet to come to light.

RK hopes interested readers will take the time to compare the two and see how much, and how little, change has occurred in the process.

By the away: We'd guess there is at least several weaving generations between them and further would offer the opinion the one on the right is pre-1800 and the one on the left circa 1880.

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