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Sun, Sep 14th, 2014 01:02:02 AM
Topic: A Rose by any other....

RK has watched with amazement how the icoc "tour" to Vienna and Budapest has morphed in the weak minds of some in rugDUMB to be an "icoc conference" or "event".

This is complete hogwash, as it is a tour for those who ponied up a significant price -- we have heard about 1500 euro plus -- to attend.

There are several "events" besides a few museum visits, almost all of which are completely commercial in nature (the best of which is undoubtedly the Austria Auction Company sale).

Quite some time ago RK predicted there would never be another icoc conference and we are sticking to that prediction.

What is happening next week is a tour, and nothing but a tour, organized basically by hali magazine with and for the "leadership" of the icoc.

And by the way, any of that leadership that does attend will receive FREE airfare, we have heard in business class, free hotel and free food and all expenses paid to accompany the "tour".

It is just exactly this type of outrageous benefits at the expense of the normal membership -- that you icoc attendees -- that has the destroyed the icoc and left it as nothing but a shell organization to enrich and cosset its leadership.

And note: Most of that leadership couldn't lead its way out of a paper bag with a compass and a map.

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