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Fri, Sep 26th, 2014 12:28:14 AM
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Several years ago RK registered the names michaelfranses.com and michaelfranses.co.uk and then supplied some content to them.

We have not bothered to continue as we linked them with RugKazbah.com.

Readers who have not already visited might be interested to do so now.

Recently, as all our readers should know, RK has begun posting some of the content in the emails franses wrote to the fictional, uber-wealthy rug collector, 'Gunter Raps'.

The story is far more complicated than we have so far divulged but RK does intend to tell all at the appropriate time.

In that vein we feel today is appropriate to make public the totally absurd attempt franses made to shut down michaelfranses.com/michaelfranses.co.uk.

Here is the lawyer letter franses's attorneys sent to RugKazbah.com's website hosting company.

"2014.08.02 02:48 PM
The website in question(michaelfranses.com/michaelfranses.co.uk), contains numerous inaccuracies and the sole purpose of the website is to abuse and defame Franses and mislead the public.

It is indisputable that these purported "facts" are entirely false and intended to damage Franses professional reputation. It appears that the website was created by one Jack Cassin, a would -be competitor of Franses who was previously adopted false online personas in an effort to smear Franses."

"Numerous inaccuracies"and "false facts"?

Gee, you'd think franses's legal beagle would have taken a few seconds to list them or even one. But notice not one "inaccuracy" or "false facts" is there.


Because there are none. Everything we have said on that website is true.

The only thing that is "indisputable" is michael franses is everything and more than what we wrote.

"Abuse and defame franses"?

Since when does telling the truth about someone like franses become abuse and defamation?

The only answer is never.

"A competitor of franses"

Please now, RK is so far past franses in the areas of oriental rug studies we concentrate upon we can't see the top of his head when we look down.

"And false personas to smear franses"?

Fact of the matter is franses's displeasure over the 'Gunter Raps' affair, which is the only false persona RK adopted, is totally his own fault.

Surely no one made him reply to the first email 'Gunter' sent, or to any of the subsequent ones.

Fact is franses was so desperate to find a great wealthy client, as well as to blow his own horn to even a mythical someone he never spoke to, never met, or even bothered to slightly investigate, that he went far past what any careful and intelligent person would have done.

And if anyone is "misleading the public" it is franses who for decades has consistently tried to rewrite his past and replace it with fiction more in keeping with his over-arching desire to be what he isn't.

This attempt to shut down michaelfranses.com/michaelfranses.co.uk failed miserably because franses's accusations are bogus and totally without merit. Just like the false, vile and obnoxious comments franses made to 'Gunter' about us.

One of many suggestions we have for michael franses is to either get new attorneys who will not waste their time, and presumably his money, pursuing worthless legal actions or recognize the truth about himself and quit trying to eradicate those RK has published about him, and will continue to publish.

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