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Fri, Oct 10th, 2014 12:27:21 PM
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michael franses cry-baby weasel

After RK emailed franses and told him it was RK, not the fictional ‘Gunter Raps’, he had been exchanging emails with and we were going to publish them, he wanted to know what it would take to prevent this from happening.

We then offered franses the opportunity to work with us to both place our collection in the Doha Museum, for which we would pay him a generous commission if the deal was done, and to publish a feature article about the Weaving Art Museum in the next issue of that rag hali. We also offered to write articles for that rag hali that we expected to get paid for when they were published and suggested he arrange for us to help him advise the museum in Doha.

This was done in a phone call, which we will explain a bit more about below.

But before we do we feel it pertinent to address the fact some readers might wonder why RK would be interested in having franses’s help to both place our collection in Doha or have an article about the Weaving Art Museum appear in that rag hali.

Regardless of what RK and our readership knows about franses -- his duplicity, his constant rewriting of his present and past actions, his posing as a ‘scholar’, his serial over-dating of carpets, his inability to differentiate between older workshop rugs and genuinely early Village ones, his proven failures to take oriental carpet studies to a higher level, his vendettas against us and spreading outright lies about us – many others do not know these truths or are unwilling to admit it.

This gives franses his standing and credibility in rugDumb, and since he is the advisor to Doha we know without his help the Museum there will never consider doing anything with us.

And since franses owns that rag hali he would have to sign off on any article about the Weaving Art Museum anyway.

RK does not trust franses, or those who work at that rag hali, and this led us 25 years ago to forbid them from ever mentioning us, our research or collection.

However, with franses working with us under those conditions above we would be participate with them and him to publish an in-depth article.

Let’s face it as bad as that rag hali is many people do believe what they write, and the magazine’s opinions are therefore influential.

So during our telephone call we made the tit-for-tat offer and after speaking about it and other subjects of mutual interest and concern franses agreed to “think about it” and “discuss it with that rag hali’s staff”. He told us to call him in a week.

Several days later we received by email three letters from franses’s lawyer telling us he was going to have us prosecuted for fraud, blackmail and extortion in connection with our using the fictional persona of Gunter Raps to defraud, blackmail and extort from him the above.

These are the alleged “crimes”: Asking him to help place our collection in Doha for which we agreed to give him a large commission, and publish the article in that rag hali. What BS.

Our immediate response, sent in an email to the lawyer was, “tell mr franses to go fuck himself”.

And, then, after reading the emails and the attachments which included a “witness statement”, an unfiled “motion for summary judgment” to prevent our publishing of any of the contents of the emails franses sent ‘Gunter’, a “deed of settlement” we were to sign to prevent any 'prosecution' for the 'crimes', and court papers explaining the mandatory arbitration process before any ‘trial’ we decided to, and did, write his lawyer saying we agreed to arbitration.

We also learned, now get this, from the lawyer’s letter franses had gone to the police in London telling them he was being blackmailed and the telephone call was supposedly recorded with the police present.

Before we said a word during that call we suspected something was up and we point blank asked franses "Are you recording this call".

He said "No", proving himself again to be the liar we have accused him of being, as well as invalidating anything said in that call.

He got the police to do this by accusing us of ‘cyber crime’. What more BS could you possibly imagine?

The lawyer’s emails threatened us with court action unless we immediately agreed to sign the “deed of settlement”, which would have prevented us from ever discussing or publishing any of the contents of the emails to ‘Gunter’.

So instead of “thinking about our offer” and “discussing it with the hali stafffranses the cry-baby weasel went to the police and a lawyer with this ridiculous over-blown story.

After about two weeks of continued one-sided ‘negotiation’ and threats to prosecute us because we refused to sign the “deed of settlement” his lawyers asked us to propose a ‘settlement’ we could agree to.

We said “Since franses clearly does not want to help us place our collection in Doha we will forget about it but we want the feature article in the next issue of that rag hali."

The lawyer said he would propose it to franses and the next day an email arrived telling us our ‘proposal’ was just more blackmail and extortion. At that point negotiations stopped.

Obviously, we are not afraid of any attempts to silence us and have since then published some of the contents of the emails here on RugKazbah.com. And we intend to continue.

Stay tuned, much more to come

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