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Thu, Feb 12th, 2015 05:52:33 AM
Topic: all talk, no walk franses

It has now been many months since micheal franses made those worthless threats he believed would prevent RK from publishing the contents of the email exchange with Gunter Raps.

RK knew not only was franses bluffing but, more importantly, he had no grounds to pursue any type of a legal case.

So it is no surprise we called his bluff and published everything, except the derogatory comments franses made about his employers and job in Doha.

The only reason we demurred from publishing those nasty comments franses so foolishly made about the people in Doha who have given him a job and a position was not to cause them any public embarrassment.

After all just being around a twit and selfish douche-bag like michael franses is enough, and who but someone like him would be such an ingrate to voice his dislike and disgust about his employers to a complete stranger with whom he had only exchanged a few emails?

But long before franses stupidly sent those emails, wherein he poured out his heart to Gunter, RK knew and had often voiced publicly franses was nothing but an abusive control freak whose lack of formal education and wordly experience prevents him from any type of reasonable relationship with anyone other than the most sycophantic.

Along those lines RK recently learned most of that rag hali's staff basically hates and can't stand him, and are now not afraid to say so in private.

Also we have heard were they capable of getting a better job they surely would leave in a heartbeat, as the overbearing and revolting way franses orders them around surely does not engender anything but hatred.

We find it amazing with all the failure that litters franses's career, like that rag hali sinking, and all the ridiculous over-dating and selling mediocre rugs as "great masterpieces" to many private clients he is credited in rugdumb as being a "scholar" and leader.

Obviously in any other art collecting area someone like franses would not even be carrying the luggage for those who really are scholars and leaders.

RugDumb has alot of pimples on its face and for anyone, other than those in denial or too stupid to see reality, to think michael franses is anything but a quite noticeable one is unfathomable.

Author: jc
Thu, Feb 12th, 2015 05:52:33 AM

From several vociferous supporters of michael franses who have sent us emails RK has been questioned as to exactly what we are talking about when we mentioned franses's numerous "failures" in rugDUMB.

Well, for starters how about his first: the advertising and seeking subscriptions for a supposed volume Two of Turkmen Studies which never came to pass?

Then of course, there is the demise of the icoc and acor organizations. And just for those who are too out of it to have ever realized franses was behind everything that ever happened with the icoc.

As for acor, which did in fact have independent origins, as soon as it proved to be competition for the icoc franses made sure to co-opt all those involved and fold them into the icoc organization.

This is fact, and easily proven -- so for any of you who might doubt RK's words go do some simple investigating and you will see for yourselves.

Plus the fact the "icoc" has now been relegated and reduced to being the "brand" for that rag hali's 'travel agency business', what more proof could possibly be needed?

How about the myth and peddling of pre-middle 19th century kaitags franses was solely responsible for stoking?

We are sure many in rugDUMB purchased these late 19th century at best derivative "folk-art" embroideries believing them to be much older thanks to franses's pump and dump.

Forget about thinking and paying much more for them decades ago than they have now proven to be worth.

How about those bogus reproduction "ottoman embroideries" franses helped rug-idiot gerard pacquin try and float as 16th and 17th century Ottoman works of art?

We could go on but think anyone who has a comprehensive knowledge of Anatolian Village rugs could not be anything but aghast by researching in old that rag hali magazines franses's many advertisements touting 18th and early 19th century examples as 16th and 17th century ones.

The fact franses is still at this game, as RK's documenting his recent offers to Gunter Raps, bodes poorly for anyone who might want to champion franses's mythic reputation as an expert and "scholar"

Any more questions from the peanut gallery?

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