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Thu, Apr 9th, 2015 01:16:30 PM
Topic: Raoul's Come On Kelim book review

Raoul, aka Mike, Tschebull belongs to a rare breed of rugdumb's less than notables.

Formerly a middle level executive with a Swiss Bank, RK first met Raoul in his office in NY City, it must have been about 1973.

RK sought him out because we wanted to meet and talk to the author of a quite important for the time publication simply called “Kazak”.

After that first meeting there were several others, which we enjoyed immensely. Tschebull appeared knowledgeable and affable and we have fond memories of those get-togethers.

Then perhaps a few years later, Tschebull was transferred back to Europe and we lost touch with him, and it seems during this period he also lost touch with rug collecting.

Then perhaps in 1977 or 78, we may have gotten the dates somewhat wrong here but the chronology is correct, we learned Tschebull had quit the bank (or was he booted out?) and had set up shop as an antique dealer in southern Connecticut.

We found his phone number, gave him a call and arranged a visit.

Arriving on his door step we were ushered into his house and spent several hours talking with him. Something seemed strange and it took us a little while to figure it out.

But soon we realized what it was, Tschebull the former passionate and affable rug collector had turned into the worst type of Armenian greedy, greasy oriental carpet dealer.

RK had seen this same progression (but not of the Armenian stripe) –- from friendly spirited collector to avaricious, you gotta sell me this dealer -- before.

It affected jon thompson and frederich spuhler, whose metamorphous stories we haven’t the time or stomach to discuss at the moment.

In that first, and it was the last, private conversation with Tschebull he hammered us, whining and paeaning, to get us to sell some of our pieces to him.

When he finally got the drift this wasn’t going to happen he got pretty unfriendly bordering on rude.

Needless to say RK got the hint, picked our self up and out without much farewell.

A few years passed without any contact and then in a “review” for that rag hali Tschebull authored, about a rippon-boswell auction he had attended, he mentioned RK by name and called us a “picker from America”.

Now then, for those readers unfamiliar with the term, picker, it refers to an antique dealer, who is at the bottom of the dealer hierarchy and usually knows very little, but because he is getting into homes and buying articles from people who know even less this type of dealer can occasionally find good pieces.

Now then at the time RK had written and published four books, had a well recognized collection and was often in Europe at even buying at the boswell sale in Germany.

All these are accomplishments no “picker” ever had.

So Tschebull’s comment was totally untrue and completely nothing but a nasty behind the back insult.

From then on RK has referred to him as Tschebullshit.

We mention this to presage our brief comments about Tschebullshit’s review of the Gallery Neirez kelim publication.

First off the continuing ad nauseum over-reportage of Hamid Sadighi Neiriz’s exhibition in the Halle, Germany at the Galerie im Volkspark has truly been far too much about nothing.

Awake readers of RugKazbah.com will remember our previously published comments.

And now comes the publication about which, and we are quoting Tschebullshit’s review in the latest issue of that rag haliIf one wants to see the best art that might someday be privately available – or never available—the best thing to do is to get into a good dealer’s home. You may not be able to buy, but you will always see good things. And for that reason anyone interested in Islamic textiles, especially larger slit-tapestry kilims woven by nomads and other rural people in Iran (and to a lesser extent Anatolia and the TransCaucasus) should jump at the chance to buy this catalog.”

OK you might say a bit over enthusiastic and pushy for a reviewer to act like a circus barker “Step right up and buy your ticket to see the two-headed boy and bearded lady”.

But RK doesn’t dun those who deserve a drubbing for maybes.

Here proof positive Raoul Tschebullshit is a tschebullshitter.

It is striking and unusual for an expatriate Iranian…to be interested…in West Asian, especially Iranian, flatweaves.

Asking the pertinent question WHY clearly is overshadowed by WHY it never occurred to Tschebullshit.

Or if it then did, why is he dissing Iranians?

Who could believe tschebullshit's inference no Iranians, ex-pats or not, are interested in their own cultures prodigious production of antique and modern flatweaves?

If this wasn’t enough, get this next sentence from Raoul “And it is more interesting that he (Hamid Neiriz) is publishing, for the most part, those he did not wnt to sell in his successful gallery operation, Galerie Neiriz in Berlin.”

The obvious, as obvious as the brown stains on Roul’s front teeth, is Hamid Neiriz wants to sell them NOW. Get it Raoul?

So step right up, maybe Mr Neiriz will make you a good price on a kelim in his new publication that has never -- well maybe just once or twice -- ever been for sale…

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