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Sun, May 31st, 2015 02:53:06 AM
Topic: The 'Duchess' S group MC Sells in London

Lot 247 Sale of the Duchess of Roxburghe

Thirty years or so ago an S group MC was a really, really rare Turkmen weaving, but not so today.

Since that time at least 20 have been on the international marketplace and even more are now known from publications.

In September Austria Auction Company sold one that if it is not the best, as many believe, it is definitely among the top 3.

It carried a great provenance, from the now famous 1980 textile museum in Washington DC "Turkmen" exhibition and publication of the same name; was in fine condition; has some wonderous design features, and its whereabouts remained unknown since the exhibition until it popped up at AAC.

Yesterday in the large two day dispersal sale of Mary, the Duchess of Roxburghe in London but another, unknown, S group MC appeared.

However, this example had none of the notariety or other features the AAC example possessed, and the price comparison -- 195,000 euro to 27,500 pounds(prices include hammer and premiums), clearly demonstrates this was not lost on every potential buyer.

Perhaps, had it popped up in a small English country sale, the price would have been a multiple of what it brought in the spotlights of a major auction house.

One thing is sure almost every collector who wants one now has one and until another really outstanding one appears these MC will stick around the 25,000 - 40,000 price level.

This proves the old supply and demand rule cannot be overtaken by sentiment or past associations. And like all art markets the carpet game is, after all for almost all participants, nothing but a money game most play to win, regardless of the talk they mouth to the contrary.

What is the Duchess's S group MC really worth?

RK can tell you this, more than 27,500 pounds, because today's myopic Turkmen carpet market will not last forever, and much higher prices for rare key pieces like it are surely to come.

We cannot tell you when but we can with assurance tell you they will come -- and RK is not talking about adjusted for inflation prices, we are talking about major readjustments based on continuing real scholarship and interest from groups who now are obvlious to the historical importance of the Turkmen rug.

Author: kisourass@dedham
email: kissour ass in dedham
Sat, May 30th, 2015 07:59:50 PM

RK Replies (but we really shouldn't bother):

Well the fact you have nothing to do must be a reflection of the response a moth-market show like this has elicited.

RK has spoken to several attendees and seen a bunch of photos of the merch on offer, some of which -- well a little of which to be more exact -- is worthy of purchase by any serious collector.

But New England, unlike California and some Eurpoean countries, does not actually have many, or it is any, who might so qualify. Therefore, might we say for those few pieces it was "pearls before swine".

RK has also heard the crowd was good, considering, but the selling was poor. Also to have been expected.

In the end dealers who attend these low level affairs, or even the glitzier ones like the coming that rag hali fair in London, with dollar signs in their eyes can only hope to be disappointed.


Well, basically, because you all have allowed your leaders to do nothing to actually raise the profile, and attendant interest, in the subject.

However, more importantly you have allowed those miscreants and greedy self-absorbed ones among them, remember dennis the cheat and thief dodds, to perpetrate public acts of extreme perfidity, remember the bogus 'bellini' LACMA is now saddled with or his packing several small museum shows with his inventory and selling it off the museum's walls.

Let's also not forget michael franses's long career of over-dating his wares and then selling them for obscenely over-estimated prices, as well as his using that rag hali to help only those who play his game with him and ignore or hurt those who don't.

Then, of course, there is dr jon thompson and his triple crown of huge boners and professional blunders.

Remember thompson's Imreli faisco and his then trying to lie his way out of it, remember thompson's vetting and approving for purchase by George Hecksher ronnie newman's reproduction 'Dragon and Phoenix' fragment(which was the subject of a court case) and how could you all forget thompson, along with louise mackie and Walter Denny, approving for purchase dodd's late, genre copy, bogus 'bellini'?

Face facts, people are not stupid and although they might not know a Kazak from a Shirvan they do know the difference between honest and scheister unscrupulous dealing, professional and sleazy behaviour, and real versus nonsense amateur scholarship.

Not to mention the lack in oriental rug dealing of an organization, even one in name only, to oversee its members adhere to proper moral and ethical action.

Or any genuine peer review of publications in this field.

So sit on your butts and complain about the lack of business or public interest.

One thing is for sure until you all do decide to do something to remedy our words above, or more we can easily provide, you will have "nothing to do".

Might we say idle time for idle minds?


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