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Mon, Sep 7th, 2015 09:09:35 PM
Topic: "carpet collector" magazine Fall 2015

As we are writing this RK is holding the newest, but surely not in any way greatly different in essence than those coming before it, issue of “carpet collector” magazine.

It is way past comical and quickly approaching pathetic this magazine’s publisher, tim steinert, continues to believe his grossly inadequate understanding and knowledge of the antique oriental rug collecting sphere, as well as that of his staff, can result in anything but a publication that hardly ever reaches mediocrity and is perpetually mired way below anything even close.

In his editorial statement steinert states “The approach to dealing with antique rugs and carpets is in constant flux and has been evolving for centuries. It is only in the 19th century western eyes were opened to Islamic rug art due to a newfound enthusiasm for all things oriental and the emergence of the rug customer. Trends and interest in collecting depend on historical, political and economic factors. Perhaps the personality type of the rug collector is only a temporary phenomenon as well.

All this is complete nonsense. First-off it is only recently, since the 1970’s, that rug collecting started to enter fluxus. This is when collector interest turned from primarily classical court carpets towards weavings made in towns, villages and encampment.

It also introduced collectors to the beauties of flatweaves – kelim and soumak.

The fact a neophyte slow learner like steinert can’t fathom facts like this and prefers to jabber a nonsensical and totally incorrect regurgitation of history is just one of his, and “carpet collectors”, problems.

Anyone stating it was in the 19th century, as steinert does, “western eyes were opened to Islamic rug art” is as lost in the sauce as those on Gilligan’s Island.

For mr steinert’s benefit let RK inform him that as early as the late 14th century western eyes were enthusiastically staring at oriental rugs and throughout the next 400 years there were more and more western eyes beholding the beauty and mystery of these weavings.

Also trends in antique rug collecting have been driven by scholarship(what little there has ever been) and research by collectors(a far greater repository), not by any economic or political influences.

Herr steinert’s all encompassing lack of knowledge is overwhelming and were it not for the fact his family’s fortune is supporting his amateurish schoolboy attempts to be a carpet world entrepreneur “carpet collector” magazine would have already died an unheralded death.

Folks, all this in the FIRST PARAGRAPH.

Sorry you all but RK will not waste more of our time proving the obvious: It’s time for steinert to either get some rug brains involved in his operation or forget about it and go back to collecting stamps or rearranging his sock draw.

Author: We
email: fuck you
Mon, Sep 7th, 2015 09:09:35 PM

RK Replies:

If the absolute truths RK dispenses make you or anyone else 'suffer' perhaps you should examine why that is the case.

As for the rest of your bigoted, pathetic, totally absurd rant and accusations RK suggests you be more careful not to cross the line you have just approached.

Those who refuse to accept the truth and hide behind false illusions will never be able to know what is true from what is delusion.

We'd could delete what you wrote with one keystroke but we chose to leave it here for all to see how revolting low a sub-human like yourself can go.


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