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Sat, Oct 24th, 2015 08:09:28 AM
Topic: Wadda ya expect?

Last weekend's Capri Motel rug show in San Francisco was by all acounts a pretty dismal affair as far as selling pieces was concerned.

This comes as no surprise to RK, as we predicted as much in private to several of the dealers we know well. Frankly, what we said then, and now, plus what is written below is in no way meant to denigrate their enthusiam, hard work, or expectations.

Far from it.

What we are once again, and only, trying to do is bring some reality into the picture.

See, it is impossible to sell choice, rare and valuable weavings in a down market low end venue roach motel like the Capri.

Or, more importantly, attract new eyeballs and wallets.

We said this from the first year's show and each and each and every year since.

We do hope and trust this is now apparent to all and finally there will be some long over due changes, rather than continuing to beat the dead horse this show has become, and always was.

We are publishing the following email we received from one of the dealers and our reply below.

"Hi Jack,

Business was very slow, much slower than last year which was not a surprise to me.

There was Jim Dixon exhibition of kazaks which i didn't like but i didn't see anything super early.

Last year at the opening there were 50-60 people but this year around 15-20.

Half of the motel's rooms were empty and i know some dealers are not returning next year.I covered my cost with a client of mine but no new faces, even less familiar faces.

I don't know where this is going.

Hey There _________

Thanks for the insights. I heard basically the same from two other people.

Trust me rug collecting is going nowhere EXCEPT for great pre 1700 classical pieces in high pile condition(even fragments) and the earliest Turkmen, Anatolian, Caucasian and Persian village weavings.

they will continue to become more valuable and have a vibrant market.

all the rest -- including 19th century Caucasian rugs in good but not perfect condition, 19th century Anatolian village rugs in any condition, post 1800-ish Turkmen rugs, and post 1850 Persian village rugs -- will continue to be hard to sell and find good paying clients for.

that's it for this business...start selling insurance, cars or tacos!!

all the best, keep in touch please if you get anything i might want...

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